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Dr Muhammad Rahman

Associate Professor

Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Dr Muhammad Rahman received his PhD from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland. He is an active researcher with a significant number of papers in peer-reviewed Q1 journals. He has a wide range of research interests, both of a fundamental and applied nature, particularly in the areas of energy, retrofitting buildings, sustainable construction materials, computational structural mechanics, composite materials, water & wastewater treatment and slope stabilization. Before his current appointment at Northumbria University UK, he served as a faculty member, Head of Department and Head of Materials & Structures Research Cluster at Curtin University, Malaysia. He received eleven external grants from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and industry. Under his supervision, 7 PhD and 3 MPhil students completed their studies successfully. He also supervised one post-doctoral research fellow. Currently, he is supervising two PhD students. He was awarded the IMM Green Materials Award from the Institute of Materials Malaysia. He also served the industry in Dublin, Ireland for two and half years in the field of design and assessment of infrastructure elements and has supervised junior engineers. He has also worked as a part-time lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland for one and half years.

He is a Fellow & Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineers (CPEng) Australia, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (FICE) in the UK and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK. He is a member of the Nature group's scientific reports editorial board. He has also served as a technical reviewer for several journals in the field of civil engineering. In addition, he also served as an external grant reviewer and external reviewer for the PhD thesis and organised several international conferences.

Muhammad Rahman

Sustainable Construction Materials, Composite Materials, Computational Structural Mechanics, Slope Stabilization, Water & Wastewater Treatment and Energy.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Fatigue Evaluation of Sulphate-Attacked Industrial Waste-Based Concrete Using Concrete Damaged Plasticity Model, Ting, M., Wong, K., Rahman, M., Selowara Joo, M. 29 May 2024, In: Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering
  • Introduction, Currie, C., Rahman, M. May 2024, In: Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Civil Engineering
  • Enriching the microstructure of AZ91D alloy by nano MoO3 composites, Anbuchezhiyan, G., Mujawar, M., Karri, R., Abusamin, B., Abnisa, F., Rahman, M. 15 Oct 2023, In: Journal of Alloys and Compounds
  • Graphene and its tailoring as emerging 2D nanomaterials in efficient CO2 absorption: A state-of-the-art interpretative review, Azni Farhana Mazri, N., Arifutzzaman, A., Kheireddine Aroua, M., Ekhlasur Rahman, M., Ali Mazari, S. 15 Aug 2023, In: Alexandria Engineering Journal
  • Comprehensive review on carbon nanotubes embedded in different metal and polymer matrix: fabrications and applications, Khan, F., Mubarak, N., Khalid, M., Khan, M., Tan, Y., Walvekar, R., Abdullah, E., Karri, R., Rahman, M. 2 Nov 2022, In: Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis of carbon nanotubes for the removal of toxic cationic dyes from textile wastewater, Qureshi, S., Shah, V., Nizamuddin, S., Mubarak, N., Karri, R., Dehghani, M., Ramesh, S., Khalid, M., Rahman, M. 15 Jun 2022, In: Journal of Molecular Liquids
  • Modelling and optimization for methylene blue adsorption using graphene oxide/chitosan composites via artificial neural network-particle swarm optimization, Khiam, G., Karri, R., Mubarak, N., Khalid, M., Walvekar, R., Abdullah, E., Rahman, M. 1 Jun 2022, In: Materials Today Chemistry
  • Quasi-static cyclic behavior of wire rope isolators: comprehensive experimental study and improved mathematical modeling, Leblouba, M., Balaji, P., Muhammad, E. Oct 2022, In: Heliyon
  • Web Crippling Behaviour of Cold-Formed High-Strength Steel Unlipped Channel Beams Under Interior-Two-Flange Load Case, Kanthasamy, E., Alsanat, H., Poologanathan, K., Gatheeshgar, P., Corradi, M., Rahman, M., Thirunavukkarasu, K. 1 Jun 2022, In: International Journal of Steel Structures
  • Wire Rope Isolators for the Vibration Protection of Heavy Equipment: Exploratory Research, Leblouba, M., Balaji, P., Rahman, M. 13 Dec 2022, In: Buildings

Thushanthan Kannan Formulation of high-strength lightweight aggregates using renewable sewage sludge Start Date: 01/10/2023


  1. Structural and Fire Performance Assessment of Intelligent Steel Hybrid Core (Stair/Lift Core) Walls, PI; Innovate UK (AKT): £31,503.
  2. Formulation of high strength lightweight aggregate using renewable sewage sludge. PI; Northumbrian Water, UK; £50,000.
  3. Structural performance of built-up cold formed steel beams subject to web crippling action. Co-I; James Christopher Consulting Ltd. UK: £33,000
  4. A mathematical model for high strength cold-formed steel screwed connection under cyclic loading. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, January 2019-December 2021
  5. Polycal Wire Rope Vibration Isolator for Industrial Equipment, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, November 2015November 2017
  6. Enhancing the Wellbore Integrity in High Pressure High Temperature CO2, sequestrated reservoirs by developing a new class of Portland cement using nano-materials. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, July 2015June 2018.
  7. Innovative Vibration Isolation Systems for Equipment & Structures, Exploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, July 2012-June 2015.
  8. Characterization of Ultrafine Palm Oil Fuel Ash under Different Heat Treatment to Suppress the Alkali Silica Reaction in Mortar Bar. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, July 2014-June 2017.
  9. Analytical and Numerical Approaches for Sustainable Bond Material Selection in Electronic Packaging Industry. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education, January 2014-December 2015.
  10. A mathematical model of a circular force transducer with uniform stress distribution. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education, August 2016-July 2018.
  11. Behaviour of Cold-formed Steel Built-up Section, EcoSteelSdnBhd, 2012-2015.
  12. Experimental Studies on Self-Compacting High Performance Concrete Incorporating Industrial Waste, EPISO Group of Companies, November 2017- October 2020. 
  13. Strength and durability behaviour of fiber reinforced concrete incorporating industrial waste, marine sand and seawater, EPISO Group of Companies, November 2017- October 2020. 
  14. The Development of a Sustainable Industrialized Building System Using Cold-Formed Structural Steel. CSRI Flagship Grant Award 2014, Curtin Sarawak Research Institute, Malaysia, July 2015-June 2018
  15. Development of Novel Hybrid Polymer Bio-composite materials using Sugarcane Bagasse, Rice Husk Ash, Nano-silica and C-S-H gel in Epoxy matrix, Curtin Sarawak Collaborative Research (CSCR) Scheme, January 2014- December 2015.
  16. Computational Analysis of Small Diameter Steel Piles (SDSP) Model for Landslide Countermeasure, Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (CSRF) October 2013-September 2014.
  17. Development of normal strength self-compacting concrete (SCC) using Rice Husk Ash (RHA), Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (CSRF),
  18. A Numerical Study of Ground Improvement Technique Using Group of Soil-Column on Peat, Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (CSRF),
  19. Nonlinear Macro-element Formulation for Lead-Rubber Bearings, Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (CSRF).



1. Brabha Hari Nagaratnam; (Completed in 2016); Thesis Title: Experimental Studies on Self-Compacting Concrete Mixed With Palm Oil Fuel Ash and Fly Ash.

2. BalajiPalaniSelvaraj, (Completed in 2017); Thesis Title: An Analytical and Experimental Study on Wire Rope Isolators for Vibration Isolation Equipment and Structures.

3. Omid Nabinejad, (Completed in 2017); Thesis Title: Mechanical Performance and Thermal Stability of Natural Fiber Composite Using Palm Oil Biomass.

4. Wan NurFirdausBinti Wan Hassan (Completed in 2019); Thesis Title: Mix Design Optimisation and Durability Study of High Performance Concrete Containing Micro and Nano Palm Oil Fuel Ash.

5. Timothy Ting (Completed in 2019); Thesis Title: An Experimental and Numerical Study of Axially Loaded Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel.

6. Michelle Tiong; (Completed in 2019); Thesis Title: Enhancing the Wellbore Integrity in High Pressure High Temperature CO2 Sequestrated Reservoirs by Developing a New Class of Portland Cement using Nano Materials.

7. Matthew Ting (Completed in 2021); Thesis Title: Strength and durability behaviour of fibrereinforced concrete incorporating industrial waste, marine sand and seawater.

8. Sarder Mohammad Yahya (In Progress); Thesis Title: A mathematical model for high-strength cold-formed steel screwed connection under cyclic loading.

9.  Alex Mcintosh (Completed 2022); Thesis Title: Web crippling of cold-formed carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium channels: Investigation and design.

10. Kajaharan Thirunavukkarasu (Started) Co-supervisor: Structural performance of built-up cold formed steel beams subject to web crippling action.


1. Sadia Tasnim(Completed in 2017); Thesis Title: Modified Cement Paste using Ultrafine-POFA under Aggressive Ammonium Nitrate Condition.

2. Ting Yuk Shyh (Completed in 2018); Thesis Title: Polycal Wire Rope Vibration Isolator for Industrial Equipment – An Analytical and Experimental Study.

3. Nor Hashimah bt. Mohamad Zain, (Completed in 2019); Thesis Title: Utilization of Agro-Industrial Waste in Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (MMC).



  1. University Malaysia Sarawak
  2. Anna University, India
  3. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India
  4. Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, India



  1. Hisham Tarek Hafez; Northumbria University, UK
  2. Gatheeshgar Perampalam; Northumbria University, UK
  3. Madhushan Dissanayake; Northumbria University, UK
  4. Thadshajini Suntharalingam; Northumbria University, UK



  • Civil Engineering PhD June 15 2007
  • Fellow (FICE) - Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) FICE 2022
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2019
  • Fellow (FIEAust), Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), NER Engineers Australia 2017

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