Support for Students

Here at Northumbria, we often talk about your time at University as a journey – one in which you will learn and grow, discover new places, meet new people and develop personally. We want you to know that as well as the academic support you’ll receive from your tutors, there are teams of people at Northumbria who are here to help you reach the point of graduation feeling nurtured, fulfilled and supported at every step of the way, wherever you are studying. 

Even before you begin that journey, we will be working with you to make sure that you have everything you need in place when you get here. We know that everyone is unique, that no two journeys are the same and we welcome and celebrate that diversity here at Northumbria. Our University and the services within it, are accessible and inclusive of all.  

Wherever you come from and whichever way your university journey takes you, we are here to guide you, signpost you and to support you whenever you need us. 

We are proud to tell you that all of our student services below hold the Customer Service Excellence award, accredited by the Home Office, click on any one to discover more about what we can offer.