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I think everyone is already done with their exams and as of now broke big portion of their new year’s resolution, so are totally ready for the new semester. Most exciting is for Erasmus because it will be best half a year full of trips, parties, new friends and a little bit of studies. So to make new Erasmus arrival more stress-free I asked a couple of my friend who exchanged students last year what they hoped they knew before coming to Newcastle and Northumbria University.

The main observation all shared is ‘DON’T STRESS’, you are in a new country and probably learning in different language, but don’t think about that very much, because you are definitively not alone. Most Erasmus students have problems with communication with University, they don’t get enough information about their modules, about exams, about dates and where they should be, but again, that what happens when you come just for one semester, a little bit of mess, but it always figures out in first couple weeks. There are Facebook groups for international and exchanges students and there are always people who can help you, or invite you for a beer because you need to calm down.

Another thing is that you need to understand that you probably will miss your home, your family, and your friends, but this is the motivation to do more, meet more, because when you come back you will realise that it was one of the best experience in your life and no one can go for 6 months away from their home and don’t feel a little blue sometimes, but if you participates in all activities that Northumbria University suggested, than you will find a lot of amazing people that make you feel better and less homesick, maybe even forget that you do not have normal kitchen as one Erasmus student answered to me about what he wanted to know before coming to Newcastle, but if you have friends maybe they will have good kitchens and invite you for dinner and there was a lot of International dinners last year, with people making dishes from their countries.

The last answer that I get, that some Erasmus was disappointed in some of their courses, that she comes from filmmaking course and in Northumbria university she was basically learning advertisement, but even there you have to don’t worry because you can choose whatever modules you want. Maybe there is no exactly same as in your home country, but that is what Erasmus all about – exploring, plus there are so many societies and even if there are no credits, but you can make something fun with people who are passionate about the same thing.

All in all, even if in beginning it looks that one semester is such a long time, but it will end so quickly, because it is not 3-4 years in University, you have somehow to put all experience in 5-6 months and my advice is don’t overthink, Northumbria University always gladly helps you with everything and enjoy your stay.

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