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If you are thinking about joining Northumbria University or you are already a part of it but know nothing about how the university helps students with improving their employability – you can get to know all about it in this article!

First of all, courses are very practical, and tutors/lecturers focus on the skills and experience that will help you get on the market after getting your degree. The overview of the course includes not only lectures but also seminars and workshops, where students are actually getting involved. During those classes several projects are being completed, which helps developing teamwork, leadership, communication and other interpersonal skills which are necessary to get involved in the job market.

Additionally, each student can take part in one of the programs such as: Study Abroad, Erasmus, Internship or Placement. Each of those take part during the third year of your studies and are considered to be a great experience and addition for you CV. It does not only give you a bigger overview on a business market and its diversity, experience in a workplace connected to your field of study, but also provides you with an opportunity to travel and get to know other cultures.

What is more, help is very easily accessible by either sending an email to Ask4help or meeting them at the help desk. You can ask them about anything or share your issues and they will certainly do their best in giving you the answer/solution.

If you want to improve your employability even more, the University provides you with numerous workshops on any topic, for example creating a CV or making a good impression during an interview. It also gives you an opportunity to talk to the actual employers at the Jobs Fair, which is occur a few times a year. At this kind of event students can get to know what companies are looking for in graduates and which skills need to be especially developed.

In addition, the NU Careers App is certainly the most useful tool, which helps a lot with getting through joining the job market and gaining experience. You can find information about the upcoming events and stay up to date with workshops.

Finally yet importantly, you should know that Northumbria University is ranked very high for a great employability record to help you secure your job. The Careers and Employment Service was nominated for a national award and features in top ten in the UK for the number of graduates entering professional employment!


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