Student and Graduate Enterprise

Whether you've got an idea, skill or passion for learning entrepreneurial skills, we're here to support you.

If you have a desire to take your hobby and make it a business, run with a light-bulb moment idea,  become self-employed or learn enterprise skills to be an enterprising employee, the Student and Graduate Enterprise team can help.

The Student and Graduate Enterprise team are dedicated to supporting you in exploring your start-up ideas, taking them from concept to creation. Your idea does not have to relate to your studies.

By engaging with the service you can develop yourself by gaining enterprise skills, as well as developing your idea through our dedicated team who will support you through your idea and skills development. You can also gain access to:

  • Our external specialist advisers 
  • Specialist workshops delivered by the team and advisers
  • Interactive events
  • The University’s co-working space, Innovation Northumbria: Incubator – a professional space to run your enterprise from

Current students and graduates (up to five years after graduation) have access to all our services.

Northumbria University has been in the top 10 universities in the UK for graduate start-ups based on estimated turnover for the past 10 years. (HEBCIS 21/22).

The Start-up Route is aimed at people who wish to establish a business in the UK and meet the eligibility criteria.

Northumbria University has applied to become a legacy endorsing body for the Start Up route and can no longer accept new applications. As a legacy sponsor we can maintain our existing endorsements and further endorse those you have already endorsed previously for extension and settlement applications. Students who have a current endorsement can contact the Student and Graduate Enterprise Team for further information.

Tell Us Your Idea

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