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Anele- Reflection on Semester 1

Anele Sachparonian Out and about

Eating yet another dish at home this Christmas I started to think that it was a really good year (and that I will be full from overeating for like another month). I overcome my fears of study in English and I could not be happier that I chose Northumbria University and I want to tell about my experience, very broadly because there is no time for everything, there are another 5 dishes to eat.

So what was my first semester? Being international student I find out that Arts, Design and Social Science Faculty gives you a lot of freedom, considering what you want to study. In our course, there are people from music and movie industries to teachers and scholars, and there is me culture anthropologist. But that especially makes everything more interesting, because being from the different background you can give different points of view and learn not just from lecturers, but from your course mates. Even with lecturers, you feel more as a community, it’s not just professors on the one side and students on the other, we discuss, we laugh, we even go outside of the university. Lecturers always invite you to galleries openings, events, discussion with other artist and people from culture industries. I even helped one of my teachers organize an event. As well every week they invite people from the culture business to talk and debate with them, so we can ask and understand how is really like to work in this business. I am really glad that they don’t keep back and says everything honest, how everything was going for them, from the first month at their job to this day.

And after hours activities involves not just a huge variety of events and the greatest sports facilities I ever saw in university, but I want to include Habita, the place that you will eat, drink and most importantly meet a lot of new people. I met so many international students not just from Europe, but as well from Mexico, Brazil, USA, South Korea, India and much more. It all starts with launches and maybe Quizzes on Monday, or maybe Karaoke on Thursdays and become true friendship and I will really miss them and trips we took and parties organised by university societies we attended, I am really happy that university gives you opportunity to meet people everywhere, because sometimes it is a big worry for international people. But do not worry, you won’t miss your home whenever you are from the UK or from so much further.

So why it was a good year? Because even sitting with my family I am happy that I choose to do my postgrad in foreigner country. From the start it was a bit scary, bet everything that Important has to scare you a little and excite you a lot. And now I am excited about what 2018 will bring to me because I am starting the work placement that my lecturers helped me to get, I hope for more projects and less free time just binge watch some Netflix. And for now, I will meet all my friends, visit all my favourite places and come back to Newcastle fresh and ready to start New Year.

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