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Girish Beedessee

Assistant Professor

Department: Applied Sciences

Girish Beedessee received his PhD in the Marine Genomics Unit at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology on a JSPS DC1 fellowship, followed by a year of JSPS PDF in the same unit to understand genomic and transcriptomic events in dinoflagellates using different sequencing strategies. He then undertook a three year Herchel Smith fellowship in the Department of Biochemistry at University of Cambridge, where he employed biophysical, biochemical and computational approaches to understand DNA organisation in dinoflagellates.

He is mainly interested in biosynthetic enzymes and their role in secondary metabolite biosynthesis. His research focuses on a larger group of microorganisms (protists) and their role in ecological settings with respect to their adaptation and lifestyles.

Girish Beedessee

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  • Functional analyses of bacterial genomes found in Symbiodiniaceae genome assemblies, Shoguchi, E., Kawachi, M., Shinzato, C., Beedessee, G. 1 Apr 2024, In: Environmental Microbiology Reports
  • Bridging the gap in African biodiversity genomics and bioinformatics, Sharaf, A., Ndiribe, C., Omotoriogun, T., Abueg, L., Badaoui, B., Badiane Markey, F., Beedessee, G., Diouf, D., Duru, V., Ebuzome, C., Eziuzor, S., Jaufeerally Fakim, Y., Formenti, G., Ghanmi, N., Guerfali, F., Houaga, I., Ideozu, J., Katee, S., Khayi, S., Kuja, J., Kwon-Ndung, E., Marks, R., Moila, A., Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Z., Muzemil, S., Nigussie, H., Osuji, J., Ras, V., Tchiechoua, Y., Zoclanclounon, Y., Tolley, K., Ziyomo, C., Mapholi, N., Muigai, A., Djikeng, A., Ebenezer, T. Sep 2023, In: Nature Biotechnology
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  • A New Dinoflagellate Genome Illuminates a Conserved Gene Cluster Involved in Sunscreen Biosynthesis, Shoguchi, E., Beedessee, G., Hisata, K., Tada, I., Narisoko, H., Satoh, N., Kawachi, M., Shinzato, C. 3 Feb 2021, In: Genome Biology and Evolution
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  • Two divergent Symbiodinium genomes reveal conservation of a gene cluster for sunscreen biosynthesis and recently lost genes, Shoguchi, E., Beedessee, G., Tada, I., Hisata, K., Kawashima, T., Takeuchi, T., Arakaki, N., Fujie, M., Koyanagi, R., Roy, M., Kawachi, M., Hidaka, M., Satoh, N., Shinzato, C. 14 Jun 2018, In: BMC Genomics
  • Fluid chemistry in the Solitaire and Dodo hydrothermal fields of the Central Indian Ridge, Kawagucci, S., Miyazaki, J., Noguchi, T., Okamura, K., Shibuya, T., Watsuji, T., Nishizawa, M., Watanabe, H., Okino, K., Takahata, N., Sano, Y., Nakamura, K., Shuto, A., Abe, M., Takaki, Y., Nunoura, T., Koonjul, M., Singh, M., Beedessee, G., Khishma, M., Bhoyroo, V., Bissessur, D., Kumar, L., Marie, D., Tamaki, K., Takai, K. 1 Dec 2016, In: Geofluids
  • Marine natural products research in Mauritius: Progress and challenges, Beedessee, G., Ramanjooloo, A., Marie, D. 20 Mar 2015, In: Marine Chemistry

  • Bioinformatics PhD
  • Molecular Biology MSc
  • Zoology BSc

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