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Life After Postgrad - Job Hunting

Shannon Kennedy Student Life


Taking your first steps into finding a career isn't half as daunting as a postgrad graduate as it might have been doing so as an undergrad graduate, but it's still very nerve wracking! Here are my tips for kicking off the job search after finishing your postgrad course.


Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been an amazing tool throughout my degree and is a great place to start your job search. Make sure to add your course mates and follow people and businesses of relevance to your career path. Keep an eye on the notifications coming through for work in your local area. Search for part time jobs if you think it something you can afford to do after university for awhile just to have money coming in. Search for terms such as graduate, internship, placement and scheme- a lot of companies use such keywords when advertising positions for graduates. Through searching like this in the Newcastle area I’ve found a few jobs to apply for.


'Keep calm and carry on'

Job-hunting is very stressful. It can be a very tense time for you as you worry about finances, getting on the career ladder and looking after your current life commitments. My best advice is look after yourself by making sure to eat properly, exercise well and have as much of a social life as you can. Just because you’re on the job hunt doesn’t mean you have to overly worry yourself!


Use social media

Some of my interviews over the past few years for various types of jobs have come through checking the Facebook local jobs page and from twitter. By searching useful hashtags to your field and location and you should be able to find some jobs going! Just by being vigilant online, you may find a cracking opportunity appear- for example, I’ve found videography and photography work just by scrolling Instagram.

Use your network

Get asking your friends and family!  They might see something out and about or know a great-aunts-sisters-nephews place that has a job going! A quick message on your social media and hopefully some friends will be able to point you in the direction of some jobs!


Brush up on your job interview skills

Make sure you have a perfect job interview smart outfit on hand at all times, as you never know when an email reply inviting you to interview may appear in your inbox. I’ve had this frazzled moment the day before running around trying to wash interview clothes and iron them! Make sure you are up to date with the news in your field, and RESEARCH THE COMPANY before you turn up! Research key questions they could ask you!


Make sure your CV is perfect and have a cover letter template on standby

Re-design your CV and even have two or three different ones. For example, if you’re hoping to work in retail make sure your CV is filled with skills and experience relevant. Not every job you’ve ever had or work experience you’ve done will be relevant to your job application. If you’re applying for a creative field job, make sure to make your CV stand out visually, make it exciting so the person looking through the applicants won’t forget yours! Cover letters are a necessity now, don’t hand in an application without one unless it states they don’t want one. Use it as a way to show off to the company that you’re worth hiring!


Accept that you might not get the dream job right away

Graduating from university is an incredible high moment in your life that is so exciting for you! But the ‘post-graduation depression’ is something that many websites and newspapers have discussed. You may want to jump straight to being a manager, a director, a CEO, and will most likely receive a fair few knock-backs through interviews and job applications before you end up with a job. Just know that this is part of the process and will make getting that job all the sweeter.  If need be, you may need to take any job just to get an income post graduation. Don’t let that deter you from your goals! Keep at it, earn your money and put it towards your goals, keep searching for the job you want.


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