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International Women's Day inspiration

Anele Sachparonian Student Life

This year spring came to the UK with a big red weather alert and a storm named Emma. How fitting that in the week before International Women’s day Emma should be upsetting the status quo and demanding that people pay attention.

I know there won’t be any Women’s marches in Newcastle, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any events that you can go and be inspired, because there is so much inequality in the world and we should be aware of it.

One of the major events will be in the Open Clasp Theatre Company, they will be running a week-long film festival from Monday 5th - Friday 9th March showcasing films about women. Each day focuses on a different group of women, they have guest speakers coming in throughout the week, there will be a pop-up café and a bar on a Friday night.

But whether you have never been to any Women’s marches or you are planning to go I wanted to share the best posters I found from marches in the past year, maybe to inspire you to think about what International Women’s Day means and why it is so important.

Of course, there is so many more, but these are my favourites…




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