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Department of Animation- Studio Tour

Anne Rassbach Study

Welcome to the department of Animation. You’ve never heard of it? Didn’t know you could study animation at Northumbria University? Join our tour and learn about the studios that creates and animates!

The facilities are hidden away as a part of Squires Annexe. The location is perfect for getting quietly lost in front of our many computer screens. Not all students work digitally though, the variety of projects ranges from hand drawn animations and cartoons to stop motion films or things that are completely different, meaning no boundaries for creativity.

If you’re one of the digital creatives then you will use Windows computers installed with industry leading software to produce your animations. The software includes, Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Dragonframe and also Renderman, which is connected to our own render farm. Our game designers are equipped with the Unreal Engine, an industry leading game developing engine.  If you ever wanted to see your 3D models in real you can try our 3D printer.

Look out for our latest animations online to get an impression of how diverse, creative and unique our department is. If you are curious about what kind of magic happens behind the walls of Squires Annexe you can also take a look at one of our show reels here, Enjoy!

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