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Animation Gala 2017

Anne Rassbach Student Life

June 19th marked Northumbria’s annual Animation Gala Showcase. The annual gala is an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and network with industry experts, as well as an opportunity make their family proud.

It was a feast for the eye! There were loads of diverse and amazing projects; everything from hand-drawn, minimalist black and white animations, to highly technical 3D projects. Some told a story, others just blew your mind with their beautiful visuals. Especially for the students it was great to see their work shown on a big screen.

After the viewing, it was time to relax and enjoy the evening at the after party at the Pop-Up Film School across the street. A buffet pleased hungry animators and their friends and families. After some mingling and chilling the best film and the most improved student work were voted for. All in all, it was a laid-back atmosphere and the stress from the hard work of the last months finally relieved. To top off the event, some students celebrated their well-deserved big evening with a night out in our vibrant Toon!

Take a look through our photos. 

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