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Morning Routine - Prepare Your Daily Regime for Success

Smrithi Kumar Student Life

I am sure, while at school, you’ve heard all those rumours about university being the true taste of freedom. You’ve surely heard of all the parties, nights out, pizzas, sleeping in, plus the entire idea of YOLO and being a rebel. Well, let me tell you that is absolutely true.


But is that all? When you (or your parents) shell out so much every year for education, don't you want to make every penny count?

When you have all the independence in the world and deadlines seem far away, it’s easy to falter. It’s easy to lose track of your goal. It’s easy to sleep in everyday, bunk lectures and party all night.

So I am going to give you a few tips on how to manage it all. I am not asking you to be a nerd, you can still enjoy your new found freedom but ensure you don’t let it affect your academic study. The first and most difficult thing you have got to do is wake up early.

I know you are used to following a set routine while at school and you probably hate the idea of schedules. But sticking to a schedule is your best bet if you want to have fun and ace your tests. It helps if you have a sense of self-discipline and ensures that your thoughts are not all over the place. 


How to be a morning person?

1. Sleep

  • When you arrive at University, make sure you follow a regular sleeping pattern. Try and sleep before midnight and get about 7 and half hours of sleep every day. You can start this routine after fresher’s week as in all the fresher’s week madness you won’t be able to keep up. 

  • Once you start following this, maybe allow yourself one cheat day during the week where you can sleep in but otherwise you should be up and about. The cheat day is there just in case you stay up watching a movie up till 3am or spend a night out on the toon. 

2. Alarm

  • Now what is the point of keeping an alarm if you are just going to roll over and shut it as soon as it rings? So here is my #1 tip: Do not keep your phone or alarm clock on your bedside table. Instead, keep it on the far end of the room and turn up the volume. So that the only way you can shut it is by jumping out of bed. 

3. Rise 'n' Shine

Now you are up and awake but you’ve got about 3 hours to kill before class starts you're probably thinking 'hmmm why not jump back in bed under my duvet?' Absolutely not. Utilise that time. Here is a set routine you can follow which helps me increase my productivity throughout the day. Why not give it a shot?

Tea Set

  • Do some stretches and go out for a jog (just a warning it’s freezing cold in the morning).
  • If running isn't your thing, do yoga in your room as an alternative. This will not only take the lethargy out of you, it will make you ready to tackle everything the day throws at you.

  • Drink some green tea or lime water. (preferably in hot water). It’s nice to warm up your throat.
  • Spend a few minutes meditating. You never realise how much 5 minutes of silence helps to clear your head and rejuvenate your mind. While sitting upright with your eyes shut you can also plan and visualise what want to achieve in the day.

  • Do not skip breakfast. I don't know how many times it has to be reiterated before people can wrap their head around the idea that ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.' Do not skip it! Make yourself something warm and filling or grab a bowl of cereal and fruit. The university cafeterias have quite a few options too if you want to pick something up on the way to class.

  • Shower and get ready. Be presentable. You are now a responsible adult you don't want to be that messy haired school girl or bedhead school boy.

  • After all this if you still have a few minutes you could always revise lecture notes.

That’s about it now pack your bag go to university and be absolutely stunning.

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