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Top 10 Christmas Movies as voted for by the Northumbria Film Society

Callum Stevens Student Life

It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Our Film Society opened the door for me to see what Christmas films they love to consume at this festive time of year. A special thank you to Oliver Birch, Film Society President, his team, and the members of the society who contributed to this list. So, without further delay, here are the top 10 Christmas movies chosen by the Northumbria Film Society.

 10---Polar -Express10) The Polar Express

The acting, directing team that brought you Cast Away and Forrest Gump brings you The Polar Express. An animated musical feature based on the 1985 children's book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg.

A beautifully crafted musical and a dazzlingly visual 3D animation. A truly festive movie for all ages. Image © Warner Bros.

9---Nightmare -Before -Christmas (1)9) The Nightmare Before Christmas

From Director Henry Selik and the mind of iconic director, Tim Burton, comes the mesmerising stop-motion animation, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The film follows one of the most recognised protagonists of all time, Jack Skellington. Jack is bored of the routinely celebrated Halloween and wants to bring Christmas to Halloween Town. A film equally fit for Christmas or Halloween. Image © Skellington Productions.

8---Miracle -on -34th -Street8) Miracle on 34th Street

Two versions of the film exist, the 1947 and 1990s version. Both have classic status in regards to the festive season.

A fantastic, family-friendly film that is sure to pull on the heart strings of viewers from all generations. Image © Hughes Entertainment.

 7---Home -Alone7) Home Alone

Home Alone, featuring the infamous Macaulay Culkin and directed by Chris Columbus, showcases the stress, fall-outs and unbreakable bonds of family during the holiday season.

The film is a classic during this time of year, and Home Alone 2 is just as entertaining. Image © 20th Century Fox.

6---The -Grinch6) The Grinch

Based on the story from the legendary Dr. Seuss, The Grinch is for those that manifest into humbugs at this time of year.

It is visually beautiful and has all the themes and niceties of Christmas. Jim Carrey captures the essence of The Grinch perfectly. Image © Universal Studios.

5---Die -Hard5) Die Hard

This is a Christmas film, right?

Bruce Willis and his love for action is very different from the rest of the list, but for those thrill-seekers out there, this is the festive romp you need. Yippee ki-yay! Image © 20th Century Fox.

4---Elf4) Elf

Directed by Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell playing our titular Elf, there isn't much to not like here.

The story is heart-warming and the humour is frequent. If you have younger viewers present on Christmas Eve, Elf is certainly a must-watch. Image © New Line Cinema.

3---Muppets -Christmas -Carol3) The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppets take over the famous tale from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

This is another treat for all ages and is certainly a movie made for a cold Christmas Eve with festivities flowing and mince pies aplenty. Image © The Walt Disney Company.

2---It 's -a -Wonderful -Life2) It's a Wonderful Life

Probably the most famous Christmas movie ever, and one that is still relevant to this day. A film that is re-released in auditoriums throughout the country.

A timeless classic that deserves to be seen this December. Tissues at the ready! Image © Liberty Films.


*Drum Roll*


1---Love -Actually1) Love Actually

Nine different stories all driven by the emotion that is love. A stellar cast of our nation's finest actors and actresses (Rick Grimes pre-Walking Dead), deliver festive, emotionally-driven, intertwining narratives that surely we can all connect with. Image © Working Title Films.


Settle down, feet up, snacks on hand and enjoy the Northumbria Film Society's top 10 Christmas films. Happy holiday season to all.

So that's it folks, the society has spoken and we have our top 10!

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