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Meet our Postgraduate Hubstars

Postgraduate Hubstars Student Life

Following in the footsteps of last year's team of Undergraduate contributors, a band of merry Postgrads have been recruited to reflect on Northumbria University life through the eyes of a Masters student. Meet your Postgraduate Hubstars for 2016/17!


Anne -cropHi, I'm Anne!

I did my bachelor's degree in 'Multimedia and Communication' back home in Germany.

Cooking and baking are defo on my top 10 list of things I like to do.

Northumbria offers a diverse course with experienced lecturers which builds on my bachelor skills and working experience.

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Callum -cropHi, I'm Callum

Where are you from? Warrington (in-between Manchester and Liverpool)

What do you study? MSc Digital Marketing

Favourite film? Lord of the Rings Return of the King

Favourite TV show? Game of Thrones

Favourite book? A Song of Ice and Fire or A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Sarah -cropHi, I'm Sarah!

Currently on the MRes in Psychology. Loves a good stottie, massive lover of Newcastle (excluding Geordie Shore, soz) and the North East. Drinks and talks far too much about tea (currently enjoying Summer Sencha by Easy Teasy - who just so happen to be former Northumbria University students specialising in loose leaf and tea infused chocolate, mmm). Craft in my spare time, mainly clay and felt - relaxation is key on a Masters course!

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Joe -cropNow then... How's it going? I'm Joe

I'm a current Masters student at Northumbria studying Multidisciplinary Innovation. It's a course where students from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines (funnily enough) come together to address the issues on just about anything.

Studying Business Studies as my undergraduate degree at Northumbria was ace, but I felt like my creative side had been put on hold, and so I decided to rediscover this within MDI.

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Mickyle -cropHey! I am your Dark Knight under the moon...

...during the light, I am Mickyle De Las, studying MSc International Sport Management at Northumbria University.

To say a little something about myself, I am an individual who always seeks a challenge in myself an also in others. I am a strong believer in competition for the greater good and development of oneself.

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Victoria -cropHi, I'm Victoria

Where are you from? Leeds

What do you study? MSc Business with Human Resource Management

Favourite TV show? Grey's Anatomy

Interesting fact: I'm a daily vlogger on YouTube!

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