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Sport Management at Northumbria

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Are you keen to combine theoretical studies with your passion for sports? Then Sports Management at Northumbria University might be the right course for you!

I spoke to Lars Hubert, a current Sports Management student in his final year, about his modules, the course itself and how he was able to raise money for charity throughout his studies.

What do you like most about your course?

I like the combination of Business and Sports linked with recent topics within the Sports Industry. Also as an international student, it is interesting to deal with contents from a ‘British’ viewpoint.

Which modules are you studying in your final year?

Apart from writing my dissertation, I am studying Media Management for Sport, Graduate Enterprise, Sport Facility Management and Event Management for Sport.

What is your favourite module so far?

I really enjoyed the Event Management Module, as learned theory could be immediately applied in practice. I learned how to work efficiently as a professional team, which was different to usual student group work. In addition, we had plenty of freedom as to the organisation of the event which allowed us to become creative and all that for a good cause.

What exactly is your assignment task in this module?

The aim was to execute a student-initiated sports event on a real budget. The assessment task required us to write a holistic event plan including detailed descriptions of the event itself, e.g. how it was scheduled, which team member had which roles and responsibilities etc., the sponsors, health and safety regulations and a finance statement including a break-even analysis. In my role as a Media and Promotion Manager, among other tasks I had to set up social media accounts for our event team and I was also in charge of printing and distributing flyers.

What kind of event did your team chose to organise?

LWe organised a Bubble Football Charity Tournament at Lucozade Powerleague in Gateshead. You could register with a team of 5 and for £45 each team was guaranteed playtime of 40 minutes. It was a lot of fun to organise the event and watch everyone playing. And above all, we did something for charity as we donated the entire profit to the UK’s Down’s syndrome association.

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