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Lo Reid Hypnotist

Steph Williams Campus Life

Location: Domain
Time: 8:00pm
Ideal for: groups, couples, individuals
My rating: 10/10

The show featured a number of surprise guests including Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse as well as the Lord of the dance himself, Michael Flatley. All this alongside some rather interesting 'tutorials', Tv show appearances and fabulous dance routines!

If you're after a good night out without breaking the bank then I'd definitely recommend Lo's awesome Hypno show. In fact... Break the bank if you must, this show is a 'Do not miss!'

The event is held on campus and is free to freshers wristband holders or £3 on the door.

The show began at around 8pm with Lo warming up the crowd with a bit of conversation, encouraging people to fill the seats set out on stage. She did clarify however they must not be idiots, drunk or on medication.

The lights went down and the seats were filled almost instantly, people were clearly keen to make a fool of themselves on stage.

Article _Open -Mic -Night _In Page 500Lo began with some calming conversation, getting the volunteers to concentrate before starting. Once the show began I very quickly found out that having not attending one of her shows before, I was definitely missing out. In short it was an absolute scream! 

Out of nowhere, Lo made the number 7 completely disappear, music became a trigger for a ballet showcase and of course she got the lads up dancing to Single Ladies!

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but I didn't think I would laugh as much as I did. 10 minutes in and I already had face ache.

If you get the chance to see Lo Reid I would definitely recommend it. You could go with a group of friends and have some of them go on stage to take part or you could even go just to have a laugh at someone else's expense (that's what I did.

Now I must warn you, she did have to end the fun at  some point, but not until I'd been given a bear hug by Mickey Mouse and the Japanese tourists had found their camera. Safe to say, the number 7 was returned to its rightful place and the sense of impending doom overcame the volunteers once they remembered all they had done on stage.

I'd give this show the highest of ratings because I had such a great time and I don't honestly know a time when I laughed so much. If you see any info about the show being on campus again, check it out, save the date, get tickets. You'll not be disappointed.

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