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Home Away From Home

Callum Stevens Campus Life

Postgraduate Hubstar Callum spoke to some international students who will be spending Christmas in Newcastle this year.

Huy Cường - from Vietnam

"For international students like me, the Christmas break is a pretty long holiday. Some of my friends chose to return to their home country and spend Christmas time with their family. But I decided to stay in Newcastle and will spend half of the break completing my assignments. I'll spend the remaining time going to work to earn money to cover my studying and living costs. Besides, I will also spend about 4 - 6 days travelling to Scotland with my friends."


Ixora Vokajii - from Malaysia

Party -in -page

"I'm planning to do my assignments, and after that I will visit my friends in Manchester. I'm not going home because it's too far and expensive.

"On Christmas Eve I usually go out with a bunch of friends, I'm going to my friend Sinead's house on the 25th, and on the 26th I'm going to another friend's house. My friends all know that I'm not going home for Christmas so they ask me to go over.

"Basically, this Christmas I will be going out with friends or staying home to play games and complete my assignments!"


Van Nguyen - from Vietnam

Christmas -market -in -page

"Last week I visited Newcastle Christmas Market with my Vietnamese friends and we are planning to visit London on 20th December to enjoy the Christmas vibe here. After that, I will visit Edinburgh on the 28th and 29th of December."

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