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Why I Chose Fashion Communication

Beth Watson Student Life

Why You Should Study Fashion Communication...

The university application process can sometimes feel overwhelming as you attempt to balance your current responsibilities with the mammoth task of deciding your future. With so much information vying for your attention, we decided to create a quick video to tell you all about the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication course at Northumbria University, and to list five simple reasons why you should study here!

1. The course is highly respected within the fashion industry

Employers up and down the country compliment Fashion Communication students for their wide range of skills that make them capable of succeeding in a number of different roles. Former students praise the course and go on to do fantastic things.

2. It is ideal for people who want to study fashion but don’t have a specialisation

With modules ranging from journalism to photography and marketing, students are able to sample different specialisations to discover their strengths and weaknesses and have the option to specialise during their final year.

3. Tutors and guest lecturers are highly knowledgeable in their sectors

Most – if not all - tutors on the Fashion Communication course have worked in the industry previously, giving them real-world knowledge and expertise that is constantly passed down to students. They also have amazing connections to the industry and often pass down one-of-a-kind opportunities for their students to take advantage of.

4. The course offers multiple live briefs each year

Live briefs are when outsider companies set real briefs for the Fashion Communication class, and students here have had the chance to work with the likes of Dr. Martens, LSN Global, i-D Magazine and many more in the past. Some of these briefs can even lead on to work experience and job opportunities.

5. The facilities at Northumbria Design School are excellent

With Apple Mac suites complete with the Adobe Creative Suite, photography studios and equipment, a dedicated technician, subscriptions to WGSN and Mintel and an extensive selection of industry-related literature both online and offline, students have everything they need to succeed on the course.

In 2015, 90% of students were satisfied with the quality of this course, which speaks for itself and proves why the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication course here at Northumbria University could be perfect for you too.

Why study Fashion Communication - by Bethany from Northumbria University on Vimeo.

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