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Prof Reinie Cordier


Department: Social Work, Education and Community Wellbeing

Reinie has a track record of conceptualising and testing the efficacy of psychosocial interventions for children with behavioural and emotional disorders. Theoretically, his main research interests lie at the intersections between health and social care, and phenomena specific to different population groups. The overarching theme of his research is promoting the social inclusion of children with developmental disorders, developing evidenced-based psychosocial interventions and instrument development. A major focus for his research is on how to ensure that people from different populations and social strata experience participation, remain engaged, socially connected and live healthy lives. His work is applied and intended to influence practice, so he investigates service-delivery arrangements and intervention techniques in terms of how well they achieve such outcomes.

Reinie Cordier

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  • A systematic review of functional numeracy measures for 9–12 -year-olds: Validity and reliability evidence, Hakkarainen, A., Cordier, R., Parsons, L., Yoon, S., Laine, A., Aunio, P., Speyer, R. 28 Mar 2023, In: International Journal of Educational Research
  • Proxy‐reported sensory measures for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders: A systematic review, Soler, N., Cordier, R., Perkes, I., Dale, R., Bray, P. 1 Feb 2023, In: Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology
  • Reliability and Validity of Non-Instrumental Clinical Assessments for Adults with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia: A Systematic Review, Cordier, R., Speyer, R., Martinez, M., Parsons, L. 16 Jan 2023, In: Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • A pairwise randomised controlled trial of a peer-mediated play-based intervention to improve the social play skills of children with ADHD: Outcomes of the typically-developing playmates, Wilkes-Gillan, S., Cordier, R., Bundy, A., Lincoln, M., Chen, Y., Parsons, L., Cantrill, A. 25 Oct 2022, In: PLoS One
  • A Systematic Review on Evaluating Responsiveness of Parent- or Caregiver-Reported Child Maltreatment Measures for Interventions, Yoon, S., Speyer, R., Cordier, R., Aunio, P., Hakkarainen, A. 22 May 2022, In: Trauma, Violence, and Abuse
  • A Visuoperceptual Measure for Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies (VMV): A Pilot Study of Validity and Reliability in Adults with Dysphagia, Swan, K., Speyer, R., Scharitzer, M., Farneti, D., Brown, T., Cordier, R. 29 Jan 2022, In: Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • Behavioural Interventions in People with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Clinical Trials, Speyer, R., Cordier, R., Sutt, A., Remijn, L., Heijnen, B., Balaguer, M., Pommée, T., McInerney, M., Bergström, L. 28 Jan 2022, In: Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • Closing the Gap Between Theory and Practice: Conceptualisation of a School-Based Intervention to Improve the School Participation of Primary School Students on the Autism Spectrum and Their Typically Developing Peers, Hodges, A., Cordier, R., Joosten, A., Bourke-Taylor, H. 1 Jul 2022, In: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
  • Developing and using matrix methods for analysis of large longitudinal qualitative datasets in out-of-home-care research, Hodgson, D., Cordier, R., Parsons, L., Walter, B., Chikwava, F., Watts, L., Thoresen, S., Martinez, M., Chung, D. 20 Dec 2022, In: International Journal of Social Research Methodology
  • Development of Two Patient Self-Reported Measures on Functional Health Status (FOD) and Health-Related Quality of Life (QOD) in Adults with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia Using the Delphi Technique, Speyer, R., Cordier, R., Denman, D., Windsor, C., Krisciunas, G., Smithard, D., Heijnen, B. 7 Oct 2022, In: Journal of Clinical Medicine

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  • Catherine Darling How do children with serious illnesses experience discourse? Start Date: 01/10/2021
  • Michael Starr The care experience never leaves care leavers Start Date: 01/10/2021
  • Matthew Robinson Social media use as a causal role in symptoms of Social anxiety: In adolescents aged 14-16 years, does social media use have a causal relationship with social anxiety symptoms and what are the factors that influence this? Start Date: 18/01/2021

Health and Social Research PhD November 27 2009

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