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  • An evaluation of the psychometric properties of the Australian Collaborative Practice Assessment Tool, Ardyansyah, B., Cordier, R., Brewer, M., Parsons, D. 9 May 2024, In: PLoS One
  • A Psychometric Evaluation of the Dysphagia Handicap Index Using Rasch Analysis, Cordier, R., Joosten, A., Heijnen, B., Speyer, R. 17 Apr 2024, In: Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • Developing and using matrix methods for analysis of large longitudinal qualitative datasets in out-of-home-care research, Hodgson, D., Cordier, R., Parsons, L., Walter, B., Chikwava, F., Watts, L., Thoresen, S., Martinez, M., Chung, D. 3 Mar 2024, In: International Journal of Social Research Methodology
  • Psychometric evaluation of the culturally adapted interprofessional socialisation and valuing scale (ISVS)-19 for health practitioners and students in Indonesia, Ardyansyah, B., Cordier, R., Brewer, M., Parsons, D. 3 Mar 2024, In: Journal of Interprofessional Care
  • Seeking consensus on a play-based intervention framework for promoting play of children with HIV/Aids in a low-resourced setting: A Delphi Study, Munambah, N., Ramugondo, E., Collins, T., Cordier, R. 5 Feb 2024, In: Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
  • The Continued Evolution of Disabilities, an Inter- and Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Disability Research, Cordier, R. 21 Mar 2024, In: Disabilities
  • The impact of coping behaviors on perceived competence and social anxiety in the everyday social engagement of autistic adolescents, Chen, Y., Ng, D., Tseng, M., Bundy, A., Cordier, R. 1 May 2024, In: Autism
  • The Long Shadow of Intimate Partner Violence: Associations of Mental and Physical Health With Employment, Housing, and Demographic Factors, Cordier, R., Chen, Y., Chung, D., Mahoney, N., Martin, R., Dorozenko, K., Franzway, S., Moulding, N., Wendt, S., Zufferey, C. 1 Apr 2024, In: Violence Against Women
  • Trajectories of homelessness and association with mental health and substance use disorders among young people transitioning from out-of-home care in Australia, Chikwava, F., Cordier, R., Ferrante, A., O'Donnell, M., Pakpahan, E. 1 Mar 2024, In: Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Understanding how young people transitioning from out-of-home care acquire and develop independent living skills and knowledge: A systematic review of longitudinal studies, Starr, M., Cordier, R., Pakpahan, E., Robinson, M., Speyer, R., Chung, D. 11 Jun 2024, In: PLoS One

  • Amina Tariq Construction and Validation of Sexual Difficulties Scale for Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse Start Date: 01/03/2023
  • Catherine Darling How do children with serious illnesses experience discourse? Start Date: 01/10/2021
  • Michael Starr The care experience never leaves care leavers Start Date: 01/10/2021
  • Matthew Robinson Social media use as a causal role in symptoms of Social anxiety: In adolescents aged 14-16 years, does social media use have a causal relationship with social anxiety symptoms and what are the factors that influence this? Start Date: 18/01/2021

Health and Social Research PhD November 27 2009

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