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Philip Hodgson

Assistant Professor

Department: Nursing, Midwifery & Health

Dr Philip Hodgson is a social scientist and a lecturer in health research in the department of Nursing, Midwifery and Health and Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His primary research interests focus on the relationship between home and health, older populations, health inequalities, advice services and mixed methods methodologies. Having previously worked as a senior research assistant, he has a diverse methodological experience, and has experience on a variety of health-related topics. He was previously chair of a Home and Healthy Ageing research group across all of the North East universities, which worked with a range of stakeholders to identify priorities for future research policy. He has also worked with an array of partners developing services which integrate housing issues into health and social care. He also has teaching and supervision expertise in the fields of health research and research methodologies.

Philip Hodgson

Dr Philip Hodgson’s primary research interests include the relationship between home and health, older populations, health inequalities, advice services and mixed methods methodology. Examples of recent projects include a mixed methods evaluation of the quality-of-life impacts of HenPower (combining creative activities and hen keeping in UK care homes) on care home residents with dementia. This project used both qualitative interviews to explore staff experiences of implementation issues and the ASCOT CH-3 tool to evaluate the quality of life of participating residents. Significant previous projects include a realist evaluation of the health impacts of Citizens Advice services, a feasibility study of hydration interventions in care homes UK, evaluations of fuel poverty and housing advice services, and a pilot of the implementation of technologically enhanced National Early Warning Scores (NEWS) measures in care homes. Theoretical interests include housing/home as a wider determinant of health and the concepts of facework, the capabilities model and the Third Space as improving access / addressing inequalities within advice services. Following a diverse range of projects as senior research assistant, his methodological interests include the use of mixed methods approaches within health and social care research, although he has a background in both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

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  • The methodological challenges faced when conducting hydration research in UK care homes, Hodgson, P., Cook, G., Johnson, A. 21 May 2024, In: Nurse Researcher
  • Think Drink: Feasibility trial of a multicomponent hydration care intervention for people living with dementia in care homes, Cook, G., Hodgson, P., Deary, V. 28 May 2024, In: Clinical Nutrition Open Science
  • Unmasking impostor phenomenon: a study of nurses in specialist roles, Ord, T., Metcalfe, D., Greaves, J., Hodgson, P. 8 Feb 2024, In: British Journal of Nursing
  • Ageing Well with Creative Arts and Pets: The HenPower Story, Hodgson, P., Cook, G., Johnson, A., Abbott-Brailey, H. 3 Apr 2023, In: Activities, Adaptation and Aging
  • Recipient perspectives on the impact of home adaptations in later life in England, Aitken, D., Wilson-Menzfeld, G., Hodgson, P., Bailey, C. 1 Mar 2023, In: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment
  • A study to introduce National Early Warning Scores (NEWS) in care homes: Influence on decision‐making and referral processes, Hodgson, P., Greaves, J., Cook, G., Fraser, A., Bainbridge, L. 1 Jan 2022, In: Nursing Open
  • Gateways not gatekeepers – reaching seldom-heard groups to gather public health community insights, Lie, M., Visram, S., Cheetham, M., Christie, A., Hodgson, P., Jasperse, J., Logan, M. 25 Oct 2022, In: European Journal of Public Health
  • Using computer assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS; NVivo) to assist in the complex process of realist theory generation, refinement and testing, Dalkin, S., Forster, N., Hodgson, P., Lhussier, M., Carr, S. 2 Jan 2021
  • ‘Everything takes too long and nobody is listening’: Developing theory to understand the impact of advice on stress and the ability to cope, Mustafa, J., Hodgson, P., Lhussier, M., Forster, N., Carr, S., Dalkin, S. 23 Apr 2020, In: PLoS One
  • HenPower Evaluation: Henergising older people’s lives, Cook, G., Hodgson, P., Johnson, A., Abbott-Brailey, H. 2020

  • Charlotte Gordon Exploring the impact and experiences of diabetes management technologies (utilising Abbott Freestyle Libre glucose monitoring as an exemplar), of adults living with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D), in the North East of England. Start Date: 22/04/2024
  • Tracy Ord Impostor Phenomenon in nurses working within NHS specialist roles in the Northeast of England;experiences and influencing factors. A mixed methods study Start Date: 01/03/2022
  • Zoe Brown A qualitative exploration of nurses’ experiences when seeking to implement creative interventions to gain clinical and social care outcomes, when caring for older adults aged over 65. Start Date: 01/02/2022
  • Alexandra Kirton An interpretive phenomenological exploration into the experiences and perceptions of carers of people with cognitive impairment of the meanings they attribute to using smart things in an assistive capacity at home Start Date: 01/03/2020

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