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Prof Crystal Haskell-Ramsay


Department: Psychology

Crystal is a Professor of Biological Psychology. She is Postgraduate Research Lead for the Psychology Department and Deputy Lead of the Health and Wellbeing Group. Crystal’s research focuses on the impact of nutrition on cognition and wellbeing. Crystal has over 15 years’ experience in the assessment of cognitive performance, with her early work exploring the neurocognitive effects of caffeinated plants. She leads on undergraduate teaching within the Health Psychology pathway, and provides supervision of Undergraduate, Masters and PhD research.

Crystal Haskell-Ramsay

Current research interests:

Biobehavioural effects of (poly)phenolic compounds from sources including coffee, cocoa, berries and nuts

Characterising individual differences in response to nutritional intervention

The interplay between stress, nutrition and wellbeing

Gender differences in response to nutritional challenges

Food insecurity and its impact on wellbeing

Relationships between women’s wellbeing and nutrition at key stages across the lifespan (e.g. adolescence, menopause)

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Effects of chronic consumption of specific fruit (berries, cherries and citrus) on cognitive health: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials, Wang, Y., Haskell-Ramsay, C., Lara Gallegos, J., Lodge, J. 1 Jan 2023, In: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Acute cognitive performance and mood effects of coffee berry and apple extracts: A randomised, double blind, placebo controlled crossover study in healthy humans, Jackson, P., Haskell-Ramsay, C., Forster, J., Khan, J., Veasey, R., Kennedy, D., Wilson, A., Saunders, C., Wightman, E. 2 Nov 2022, In: Nutritional Neuroscience
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  • Detrimental effects on executive function and mood following consecutive days of repeated high-intensity sprint interval exercise in trained male sports players, Costello, S., O'Neill, B., Howatson, G., van Someren, K., Haskell, C. 3 Apr 2022, In: Journal of Sports Sciences
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  • Mixed Tree Nuts, Cognition and Gut Microbiota: a 4-week, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Crossover Trial in Healthy Non-Elderly Adults, Haskell-Ramsay, C., Dodd, F., Smith, D., Cuthbertson, L., Nelson, A., Lodge, J., Jackson, P. 6 Oct 2022, In: The Journal of Nutrition

  • Anthony Watson The Psychopharmacological Effects of Blackcurrant Phytochemicals in Humans Start Date: 04/05/2010 End Date: 22/05/2014
  • Sarah Browne The effects of strenuous exercise on cognitive performance and mood in trained individuals Start Date: 01/10/2014 End Date: 30/05/2019
  • Fiona Dodd Technologies and Novel Methodologies for the Assessment of Nutritional Interventions Start Date: 16/09/2008 End Date: 27/02/2017
  • Sarah Docherty Assessing and Improving Everyday Functioning in Older Adults Start Date: 01/10/2018
  • Hannah Avery Iron status and iron-vitamin C co-supplementation effects on cognition, subjective mood and fatigue in menstruating, non-anaemic women aged 18-49 years Start Date: 01/10/2016 End Date: 27/10/2021

  • PhD July 15 2008
  • PhD February 24 2003
  • Psychology BSc (Hons) June 01 2001

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