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Personal Extenuating Circumstances

We know that sometimes a circumstance outside your control can also impact your study. In these circumstances we may also apply an 8 point tariff reduction from our standard entry criteria.

Your school should provide details of the circumstances in the extenuating circumstances of your UCAS application form. Alternatively if the circumstances occur after you have submitted your UCAS form they should send details on letterhead to including your full name, UCAS number and any relevant details. We may ask for further supporting evidence such as information from a medical professional, if required

Eligibility from a reduced offer will depend on the individual circumstances and evidence provided to us. Declaring an extenuating circumstance does not guarantee any flexibility will be applied to your application/offer, these will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Flexibility will typically be applied where there is evidence of circumstances such as a bereavement, serious incident, accident, or medical circumstances that have affected study or examinations.

In cases where there has been disruption during teaching or exams at your school or college. such as staffing issues or curriculum changes, we would not typically take these into consideration and would expect your previous institution to raise any circumstances to the examination boards as part of the examination marking process.

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