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Entry Requirements Essential Information

Northumbria University is committed to supporting and welcoming high quality students to study with us, from all backgrounds.  

We want Northumbria to be an inclusive, accessible option and aim to support applicants to achieve their goals and ambitions.

We use a range of flexible admissions options to support students to access study at Northumbria. This may include a lower offer than our standard entry requirements and include:

  • Contextual OffersUsing both academic performance and personal circumstances from UCAS applications when assessing applications.
  • Aspirational Offers: Encouraging students to aim for the best results they can achieve by making standard offers to students who are predicted slightly below our standard requirements.
  • Dual OffersStandard offers which include a reserved place on an extended degree with foundation year for applicants who do not meet their standard degree offer.
  • Alternative programmes: Offering alternative degrees where applicants do not meet the standard criteria for an offer.

In addition to these flexible admissions options, Northumbria University is committed to provide additional support to students during their application journey.

  • Making additional requirements, such as a portfolio, a condition of your offer and not an upfront requirement allowing more time to prepare.
  • A range of financial incentives.
  • On course support for enrolled students.

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