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I’m a Senior Lecturer in the department of Leadership & Human Resource Development at Northumbria University. My PhD explored lesbian and gay experiences of expectations on gender and sexuality at work. I am passionate in researching the day-to-day life of LGBT* people, particularly the potential of queer and non-normative identities to challenge and broaden embedded modes of thinking.

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  • Queer analysis, O'Shea, S., Worst, S. 14 Nov 2023, Handbook of Feminist Research Methodologies in Management and Organization Studies, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar
  • From Chess to Queergaming: ‘Play’ing with and disrupting heteronormative assumptions in the performance of gender and sexual orientation, Worst, S., O'Shea, S. 19 Oct 2020, In: Human Resource Development International
  • Perceptions of LGBT issues in public sector trade unions - a comparison of the views of some UK and German trade unionists, Worst, S., Abbott, S. Nov 2008, Becoming or Unbecoming? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Research in the 21st Century

  • Business andManagement Studies PhD January 07 2016
  • Business and Administration BA May 30 2012
  • Business and Administration MA (Hons) September 01 2008

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