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My research lies in the intersections of organizational behavior and human resources, including but not limited to ethical leadership, employee engagement, work-family relationships, bottom-line mentality, wellbeing and job crafting. Specifically, I empirically investigate the bedrock of effective leadership and work-family practices in organizations and how leaders can better make strategic decisions that creates a highly performing and ethical workplace.

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  • A closer look at how and when family-supportive supervision influence work interference with family: the roles of family-role overload and task crafting, Walumbwa, F., Christensen-Salem, A., Babalola, M., Kasimu, P., Garba, O., Guo, L. 28 Oct 2022, In: The International Journal of Human Resource Management
  • Whatever It Takes: How and When Supervisor Bottom-Line Mentality Motivates Employee Contributions in the Workplace, Babalola, M., Mawritz, M., Greenbaum, R., Ren, S., Garba, O. 1 May 2021, In: Journal of Management
  • A business frame perspective on why perceptions of top management's bottom‐line mentality result in employees’ good and bad behaviors, Babalola, M., Greenbaum, R., Amarnani, R., Shoss, M., Deng, Y., Garba, O., Guo, L. 9 Feb 2020, In: Personnel Psychology
  • A social exchange perspective on why and when ethical leadership foster customer-oriented citizenship behavior, Garba, O., Babalola, M., Guo, L. 1 Mar 2018, In: International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • Authoritarian leadership and employee creativity: The moderating role of psychological capital and the mediating role of fear and defensive silence, Guo, L., Decoster, S., Babalola, M., De Schutter, L., Garba, O., Riisla, K. 1 Nov 2018, In: Journal of Business Research
  • When controlling leaders meet employees with psychological capital: Impact on creative performance, Decoster, S., Garba, O., Guo, L., De Schutter, L., Riisla, K. 9 Jul 2018, In: Academy of Management Proceedings
  • The Mind is Willing, but the Situation Constrains: Why and When Leader Conscientiousness Relates to Ethical Leadership, Babalola, M., Bligh, M., Ogunfowora, B., Guo, L., Garba, O. Apr 2017, In: Journal of Business Ethics
  • Why and When FSSB Discourages Work Interference with Family: A Resource-Based Perspective, Garba, O. 1 Aug 2017, In: Academy of Management Proceedings

  • Organisational Psychology PhD December 02 2014
  • Management MA December 03 2008

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