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Mechanics and physics of smart materials and soft matter

  • Multi-physics coupling behaviours in smart materials
  • Energy conversion behaviours in smart materials
  • Instability behaviours in soft materials
  • Multi-scale modelling for material behaviours
  • Design and development of novel smart materials and structures for energy applications
  • Design, modelling and optimization of smart-materials-based flexible devices

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  • Hysteresis effect on austenite-martensite interface in Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal, Zhang, C., Qin, G., Zhang, S., Chen, X., He, Y. 1 Jan 2023, In: Scripta Materialia
  • 3D-Printing Enabled Reconfigurable Shape-Morphing Polyelectrolyte Systems For Smart Ocular Devices, Sun, A., Sridhar, S., Chen, S., Li, Y., Xu, B. 24 Mar 2022, ACS Spring 2022
  • A Structural Gel Composite Enabled Robust Underwater Mechanosensing Strategy with High Sensitivity, Wang, Z., Zhou, H., Liu, D., Chen, S., Wang, D., Dai, S., Chen, F., Xu, B. 17 Jun 2022, In: Advanced Functional Materials
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  • Conformally Anodizing Hierarchical Structure in a Deformed Tube towards Energy-saving Liquid Transportation, Li, W., Zhou, H., Zhao, K., Jin, J., Chen, X., Shahzad, M., Jiang, Y., Matar, O., Dai, S., Xu, B., Sun, L. 1 Mar 2022, In: Chemical Engineering Journal
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  • A Highly Controlled Fabrication of Porous Anodic Aluminium Oxide Surface with Versatile Features by Spatial Thermo-anodization, Zhang, Z., Sridhar, S., Wei, G., Yu, Y., Zhang, Z., Jiang, L., Yang, Y., Shahzad, M., Chen, X., Xu, B. 25 Feb 2021, In: Surface and Coatings Technology
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Emmanuel Omotosho Studies on dynamic behaviours of magnetic shape memory alloys for actuator application Start Date: 01/10/2019

  • Engineering PhD June 18 2014
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy FHEA 2018

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