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Northumbria and the EU

The outcome of the Referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union will have far-reaching consequences for everyone, including the nation’s universities, and their students, staff and alumni. Northumbria University will be among those supporting the position to remain within the European Union (EU). This is in view of the benefits in relation to the University’s future ability to: attract staff, students and partners; provide a diverse working environment that is fully connected with Europe’s educational and research community, including access to funding and collaboration, and make a full contribution to society and the economy, nationally and locally.

As a university, Northumbria is also committed to the dissemination of knowledge for the public benefit and to the free exploration of ideas. We therefore encourage open debate and the exchange of views on the outcome of the EU referendum by our staff and students, reflecting the full range of opinions, and will be supporting a programme of activities in line with this position. We also actively encourage our staff and students to register and vote in the referendum on 23 June, whether they intend to vote for a remaining within or leaving the EU. 

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