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Jonathan Otter

MA/MSc Multidisciplinary Innovation

Jonny -Otter -Profile -ImageWhere are you from?


What undergraduate course did you study and where?

Product Design Engineering BSc (Hons) at Northumbria University. Graduated in 2012.

Why did you decide to study a masters? 

I gained very valuable industry experience and had set up my own company, however I found last year in my full time job as a Product Design Engineer that there was no career progression plan. I wanted something more and to really stretch and expand my horizons.

Why did you choose Northumbria university?  Why did you choose your specific course?

I chose MDI as I had already been offered a position at the end of my undergraduate degree. I fitted exactly what I was after and after speaking to previous members and staff I knew it would be the best opportunity to expand my industry learning and provide valuable input to the cohort.

What impressed you most about our academic staff?

The academic staff are incredibly approachable and helpful, being on a Masters of this calibre allows an interaction and volume of learning that is what you make of it. Get out of it what you put in, and the rewards are EPIC.

What doors do you think this course will open for you?  

It has already landed me my dream job.

Have you changed as a person?

Yes, my confidence in approaching any problem either as an individual or as a team has evolved far beyond what I could imagine.

How would you describe Northumbria in 3 words?

Amazing opportunities created.

Do you feel that your course has been a worthwhile investment in your future?

100% yes, I raised and sacrificed everything (secure job, house, car, girlfriend etc.) to come here and it has paid off tenfold.


Additional Information 

Multidisciplinary Innovation MA/MSc

Studying Multidisciplinary Innovation will learn you a range of skills from brand-strategy and building prototypes, to cash-flow forecasting, film-making and writing computer code.

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