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What is a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)?

To apply for a Student Visa (formally Tier 4), you must have a CAS from Northumbria University.  A CAS is a unique reference number that you will need to put on your visa application.  Once you have satisfied the conditions for a CAS, we will issue you a CAS Statement which details your CAS number. It also includes all the information that we have based the decision on, which may help you in your visa application.  

How you will receive your CAS will depend on whether you are an applicant or a current student extending your visa for your current course.

Once you have received your CAS, the first thing that you should do is check all the information on your CAS statement is correct. If there are any discrepancies in your CAS, you should inform Northumbria as soon as possible. You should not use the CAS if any of the information is incorrect. Your visa application may be refused if there are any discrepancies between the information used by Northumbria and the information on your application form. When you have received your CAS, and meet all other visa requirements, you can apply for your visa. You can find information on applying for your visa here.  

Please note that each unique CAS number can only be used once. If your visa application is refused, or you have already used your CAS number for a previous application you will need to request a new CAS number for any new applications.


Applicants should request a CAS via the Applicant Portal.  You should do this when you have met the following: 

  • You hold an unconditional offer and have firmly accepted it.

  • You have provided all documents, requested by Applicant Services.

  • You have paid your deposit – or hold a valid financial sponsor letter.

To request your CAS, you should click on the Visa/Immigration box on your portal and follow the on screen instructions to request your CAS and inform the university whether you are applying for your visa inside or outside the UK.  

Before we issue your CAS, we may contact you to check that you have prepared all the information that you need to apply for your visa. 

How will I receive my CAS?

Applicants applying for a visa outside of the UK will receive their CAS via the applicant portal. You will receive an email when its it available to download.

Applicants applying for a visa inside of the UK will be contacted by the University’s Welfare, Immigration and Funding Advisers when your CAS is ready to discuss your next steps and assist you with your visa application. You can find information on applying for your visa in the UK, via Northumbria on the Student Portal.

Students who require a CAS to continue on their course must request a CAS here. You must submit your CAS request more than 4 weeks before your application is required, or if you are requesting a CAS towards the end of your course at least 8 weeks. Applications submitted outside of these deadlines will be processed where possible but a CAS would not be guaranteed. Applicants and continuing students are required to submit any requested documents before the University will issue a CAS.

How will I receive my CAS?

You will be contacted by the University’s Welfare, Immigration and Funding Advisers when your CAS is ready to discuss your next steps and assist you with your visa application. Applicants applying for leave within the UK are required to apply via the Welfare, Immigration and Funding Team to whom the CAS will be issued.

Northumbria University CAS issuance conditions

For current students seeking CAS to continue their studies in the UK, students will need to refer to the University's CAS Policy, which will will be available in due course. In the meantime, students should refer to the Welfare, Immigration and Funding Team for further support and information in relation to their request.

The assignment of a CAS does not guarantee success in securing a Student Route visa, although the University will assist students to make a successful application. The University is not responsible for any decisions made by the Home Office and does not accept liability for any sponsored student failing to obtain a visa and/or consequences, loss (whether financial or otherwise) of such failure; nor is the University liable for the consequences of refusing to assign a CAS. A CAS will be assigned to eligible students and made available to them at a visa appointment with an Immigration Adviser. A CAS will only be given directly to the student in exceptional circumstances. 

The University may make any additional checks it deems necessary to ensure that it only sponsors genuine students who will successfully obtain a visa. Such checks may include but are not limited to, UKVI eligibility check, reviewing bank statements/financial documents, requesting copies of previous visas, and requesting details of any CAS assigned by previous institutions.

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