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Contact UsNU-OMICS was amongst the first in the UK to install the PacBio Sequel in 2017.

This Single Molecule Real Time sequencing technology offers a powerful approach to de novo genome assemblies using long DNA sequencing reads with excellent consensus accuracy and uniform coverage.

Whole genome sequencing

  • From simple to complex eukaryotes
  • Providing excellent scaffolds for larger eukaryotes offering a cost effective approach to de novo sequencing

Small genome, in multiplex to reduce genome sequencing costs

  • Currently multiplexing up to 15 bacterial genomes in one run. Higher density SMRT cells and longer movie chemistries will be available. Please ask for further details.

Complete 16S rRNA gene sequencing for Bacterial community analysis offering to species level comparison

  • Using the following method to sequence the V1-V9 region of 16S rRNA gene
  • Schloss PD, Jenior ML, Koumpouras CC, Westcott SL, Highlander SK. (2016) Sequencing 16S rRNA gene fragments using the PacBio SMRT DNA sequencing system. PeerJ 4:e1869

Virus Genome sequencing

  • Multiplexing available.

Methylation studies (prokaryotic/eukaryotic alongside reference)

Long transcript sequencing

  • Eukaroyotes- Isoform sequencing
  • Bacterial long transcript sequencing

We are always open to new research and projects. Contact us to discuss new approaches or implementing new workflows.




  • As current kit based DNA extraction offers bias and shearing, gDNA preparations are best using phenol:chloroform extraction.
  • All samples must be treated with broad spectrum RNAse prior to sending. An electrophoresis image is required for QA purposes run on a 1% agarose gel. Limited shearing should be present, if worried contact us to check before sending.
  • All samples should be in a 96 well format as parts of the preparation are automated. Data will be returned labelled in well-format over sample name. DNA quality A260/280 should be >1.8.
  • Sample numbers to be multiplexed determines the starting amount of DNA required. Please ask when being quoted for the project.

Please send samples to the following delivery address;

NU-OMICS DNA sequencing research facility
(C/O) Darren Smith/Andrew Nelson
Northumbria University
Ellison Building EBA 504a
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE1 8ST 



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