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Prof John Woodward

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

EE John Woodward Staffprofile 255
  • Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor - present
  • Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) - to 2018
  • Associate Dean Research and Innovation, 2013-present.
  • Professor of Physical Geography, Northumbria University, 2012–present.
  • Director of Research, Department of Geography, 2010-2013.
  • Reader in Physical Geography, Northumbria University, 2008–2012.
  • Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Northumbria University, 2003–2008.
  • Research Associate, British Antarctic Survey, 2002-2003.
  • Lecturer in Physical Geography, Brunel University, 2001-2002.
  • PDRA, University of Leeds, 2000-2001.
  • PhD, University of Leeds, 1996-2000.
  • MSc, University of Alberta, Canada, 1994-1996.
  • BSc, University of Leeds and University of Liege, Belgium, 1991-1994.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Lessons learned from shallow subglacial bedrock drilling campaigns in Antarctica, Braddock, S., Venturelli, R., Nichols, K., Moravec, E., Boeckmann, G., Campbell, S., Balco, G., Ackert, R., Small, D., Johnson, J., Dunbar, N., Woodward, J., Mukhopadhyay, S., Goehring, B. 27 Mar 2024, In: Annals of Glaciology
  • Canopy structure and air temperature inversions impact simulation of sub-canopy longwave radiation in snow-covered boreal forests, Rutter, N., Essery, R., Baxter, R., Hancock, S., Horton, M., Huntley, B., Reid, T., Woodward, J. 27 Jul 2023, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
  • Geochemical evidence for Alberta Oil Sands contamination in sediments remote to known oil sands deposits in Alberta, Canada, McCerery, B., Esegbue, O., Jones, M., Winter, K., McHale, G., Woodward, J. 10 Jun 2023, In: Environmental Forensics
  • High altitude Pliocene to Pleistocene vegetation and climate change of the Kunlun Pass Basin, NE Tibetan Plateau, Schwarz, F., Salzmann, U., Cheng, F., Ni, J., Nie, J., Patchett, M., Li, X., Li, L., Woodward, J., Garzione, C. 1 Apr 2023, In: Global and Planetary Change
  • Offshore-onshore record of Last Glacial Maximum−to−present grounding line retreat at Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica, Nichols, K., Rood, D., Venturelli, R., Balco, G., Adams, J., Guillaume, L., Campbell, S., Goehring, B., Hall, B., Wilcken, K., Woodward, J., Johnson, J. 1 Nov 2023, In: Geology
  • Oil sands in glacial till as a driver of fast flow and instability in the former Laurentide Ice Sheet: Alberta, Canada, McCerery, R., McHale, G., Woodward, J., Winter, K., Jones, M., Esegbue, O. 1 Dec 2023, In: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
  • Reversible ice sheet thinning in the Amundsen Sea Embayment during the Late Holocene, Balco, G., Brown, N., Nichols, K., Venturelli, R., Adams, J., Braddock, S., Campbell, S., Goehring, B., Johnson, J., Rood, D., Wilcken, K., Hall, B., Woodward, J. 28 Apr 2023, In: The Cryosphere
  • Blue-ice moraines formation in the Heritage Range, West Antarctica: Implications for ice sheet history and climate reconstruction, Woodward, J., Hein, A., Winter, K., Westoby, M., Marrero, S., Dunning, S., Lim, M., Rivera, A., Sugden, D. 1 Apr 2022, In: Quaternary Science Advances
  • Controls of precipitation and vegetation variability on the NE Tibetan Plateau during the late Pliocene warmth (~3.5-3.0 Ma), Schwarz, F., Salzmann, U., Koutsodendris, A., Nie, J., Friedrich, O., Ni, J., Garzione, C., Fang, X., Wu, F., Woodward, J., Appel, E., Pross, J. 1 Jan 2022, In: Global and Planetary Change
  • Loch Lomond (Younger Dryas) Stadial Glaciation Style at Wolf Crags, Eastern Lake District, McCerery, R., Woodward, J. Mar 2022

  • Becky McCerery Oil Initiation of Super Slippery Surfaces in Sediments: A Driver of Instability in Glacial Systems Start Date: 01/10/2018 End Date: 21/01/2022
  • Victoria Edmondson The evolution of macrotexture on asphalt pavements using non-contact field techniques Start Date: 01/10/2015 End Date: 02/03/2022
  • Rupert Bainbridge Lost landslides: Rock-avalanche occurrence and fluvial censoring processes on South Island, New Zealand Start Date: 15/09/2015 End Date: 27/10/2017
  • Lionel Playford Art, climate science and landscape: an artistic interaction with climate science to explore novel approaches to landscape. Start Date: 01/12/2015 End Date: 29/10/2021
  • Rupert Bainbridge Lost landslides: Rock-avalanche occurrence and fluvial censoring processes on South Island, New Zealand Start Date: 15/09/2015 End Date: 27/10/2017
  • Lisa Harrison The Geomorphic Impact of Rock Avalanches on Landscape Evolution Start Date: 05/10/2015 End Date: 11/11/2016
  • Kate Winter Englacial stratigraphy, debris entrainment and ice sheet stability of Horseshoe Valley, West Antarctica Start Date: 01/10/2013 End Date: 27/02/2017
  • Mark Allan Landslide Distributions Around Glaciers in High Mountains Start Date: 05/10/2015 End Date: 24/10/2018

  • Teaching & Learning PCAPL November 04 2004
  • Geography PhD September 01 1995
  • Geography BSc (Hons) September 01 1990
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2015
  • Approved Shotfirer EPIC Shotfirer & Explosives Supervisors 2002
  • Ordinary Member International Glaciological Society (IGS) 1996

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