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Dr Ann-Katrin Kraeuter

Assistant Professor

Department: Psychology

Ann-Katrin Kraeuter

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  • A case-control comparison of acute-phase peripheral blood gene expression in participants diagnosed with minor ischaemic stroke or stroke mimics, Moxon, J., Calcino, A., Kraeuter, A., Phie, J., Anderson, G., Standley, G., Jones, R., Field, M., Golledge, J. 25 Nov 2023, In: Human Genomics
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  • Serum angiopoietin-1 concentration does not distinguish patients with ischaemic stroke from those presenting to hospital with ischaemic stroke mimics, Moxon, J., Kraeuter, A., Phie, J., Juliano, S., Anderson, G., Standley, G., Sealey, C., White, R., Golledge, J. 4 Nov 2022, In: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
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  • Nutrição e esquizofrenia, Kraeuter, A. 2021, Psiquiatria do estilo de vida, Santana do Parnaíba, Brazil, Manole
  • Effects of beta-hydroxybutyrate administration on MK-801-induced schizophrenia-like behaviour in mice, Kraeuter, A., Mashavave, T., Suvarna, A., van den Buuse, M., Sarnyai, Z. 1 May 2020, In: Psychopharmacology
  • Ketogenic therapy in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders: From mice to men, Kraeuter, A., Phillips, R., Sarnyai, Z. 13 Jul 2020, In: Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry

Molecular Biology PhD December 18 2019

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