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Professor of Protein Biochemistry Gary Black

Head Of Department

Department: Applied Sciences

Gary studied for his BSc in Applied Biology (awarded by CNAA in 1988) at Sunderland Polytechnic, which included a sandwich placement at the Public Health Laboratory Service, Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research, Porton Down, Salisbury.

Gary stayed at Sunderland Polytechnic to study his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (awarded by CNAA in 1992) under the supervision of Dr Catherine O'Reilly. Gary then moved to Newcastle University as a Post-doctoral Research Associate and worked in the research group of Prof. Harry Gilbert for 4 years, returning to Sunderland University in 1996 as a Lecturer.

Gary then moved to Northumbria University in 2000 to take up the post of Reader and obtained his Personal Chair in 2006.

Gary Black

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  • Impact of the T296S Mutation in P450 GcoA for Ary-O-demethylation: A QM/MM study, Gomes Dos Santos, S., Bommareddy, R., Black, G., Singh, W. 11 Jan 2024, In: Frontiers in Chemistry
  • Rational design of a cyclohexanone dehydrogenase for enhanced α,β-desaturation and substrate specificity, Singh, W., Brown, N., McCue, H., Marriott, S., Wilson, R., Perry, J., Turkenburg, J., Dubey, K., Prior, S., Carnell, A., Taylor, E., Black, G. 7 Apr 2024, In: Chemical Science
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  • Fungal β-glucan-facilitated cross-feeding activities between Bacteroides and Bifidobacterium species, Fernández Juliá, P., Black, G., Cheung, W., Van Sinderen, D., Munoz-Munoz, J. 30 May 2023, In: Communications Biology
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  • Computer-Informed Engineering: A New Class I Sesquiterpene Synthase JeSTS4 for the Synthesis of an Unusual C10-(S)-Bicyclogermacrene, Yang, X., Zhou, J., Ge, J., Liu, W., Liang, D., Singh, W., Nie, S., Black, G., Liu, J., Sun, M., Qiao, J., Huang, M. 1 Apr 2022, In: ACS Catalysis
  • Editorial: Enzyme Biocatalysts: Design and Application, Cui, J., Zheng, G., Black, G., Iqbal, H., Bilal, M. 2 Feb 2022, In: Frontiers in Chemistry

  • Megan Grey The discovery of novel carbohydrate active enzymes for improved detergent sustainability Start Date: 01/10/2021
  • Joseph Sekhar Streptococcus Equi Arginine Deiminase and Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase: Novel Targets for Combating Strangles Start Date: 03/09/2012 End Date: 20/04/2017
  • Melina Mitsiogianni The role of isothiocyanates as epigenetic modulators in malignant melanoma Start Date: 08/06/2020 End Date: 21/04/2021
  • Emily Doogan Age-related changes in CNS and PNS neuronal structures within C57BL/6J male mice that regulate continence Start Date: 20/12/2019 End Date: 24/03/2021
  • Darren Cook Genome Data Mining Towards Discovery of Novel Cytochromes P450 Start Date: 01/09/2011 End Date: 05/05/2016
  • Henry Gould An omics-based approach to identifying novel biocatalysts and metabolites Start Date: 01/09/2021
  • Andrew Porter Proteomic Analysis of Cellvibrio Japonicus Start Date: 09/11/2009 End Date: 24/06/2014
  • Felicia Ikolo Characterisation of the PrtM Maturase of Streptococcus equi; A Proven Virulence Factor in Strangles Start Date: 01/09/2007 End Date: 07/11/2013
  • James Finnigan Discovery and characterisation of novel prokaryotic cytochromes P450 via high-throughput (meta)genomics Start Date: 01/10/2014 End Date: 07/03/2019
  • Yuyin Qi Rational High-Throughput Primary Sequence Space Mining Towards Novel Ketoreductases with Biocatalytic Utility Start Date: 01/10/2011 End Date: 03/10/2016
  • Samantha Gittings Discovery, Identification and Characterisation of Novel Transaminases from Metagenomics Start Date: 01/02/2017 End Date: 27/05/2022
  • Migkena Zoupali Functional Recombinant Expression of Cytochrome P450s in Escherichia coli Start Date: 01/10/2018 End Date: 23/06/2023
  • Derek Stobo Novel Amine Oxidases and Amine Dehydrogenases for Potential Usage in Biocatalysis Start Date: 01/10/2018
  • Richard Duncan Start Date: 01/11/2017
  • Jon Ainsley Computational simulations of Enzyme dynamics and the modelling of their reaction mechanisms Start Date: 09/01/2015 End Date: 13/06/2018

  • Biochemistry PhD March 31 1992
  • Applied Biology BSc (Hons) June 01 1988
  • Fellow Royal Society of Biology 2016
  • Ordinary Member Microbiology Society 1988
  • Ordinary Member Biochemical Society 1988

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