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University Subsidiary Companies

Northumbria University is the ‘parent’ of a number of wholly or majority-owned subsidiary companies. The companies which the University have incorporated under UK company law, are for specific activities which the University operates which it wishes to be distinct from its legal structure as a Higher Education Corporation (HEC) and an exempt charity under charity law in England and Wales.

Setting up a separate company means that the University can operate a range of non-charitable and commercial activities, ring fenced from the University’s charitable status, without compromising the charitable ‘objects’ of the University, the principal one of which is the ‘advancement of education’. However, this does not mean that the activities of each subsidiary company is wholly commercial. Each company supports an aspect of the educational experience, either directly or indirectly. In circumstances where one of the University’s companies generates surplus income, unless a separate agreement is in place, the distributable profits are donated back to the University to invest in its core educational activities.

Each of the University’s subsidiary companies (with the exception of its Netherlands-based entity) is a company limited by shares under UK company law, which means that they have a separate legal ‘personality’ and structure from Northumbria University, but they report into the University as a parent undertaking, and constitute our ‘Group’ structure. We undertake external audits of all of the University’s companies, produce annual accounts and file all returns to Companies House. The Directors of all companies are appointed by and are drawn from senior management or the Governors/Trustees of the University (with the exception of Northumbria London Campus Limited and Northumbria University Amsterdam).

The University has the following subsidiary companies:

Company Name

Company Registration Number and Link to Companies House Details

Share Capital



University of Northumbria at Newcastle Developments Limited (Dormant)


03362064 (Incorporated 29.04.97). The Company is dormant as of 2018.


2 £1 Ordinary Shares (100% holding)


Ms Georgina Bailes


Northumbria International Limited 


04333222 (Incorporated 03.12.01)


1 £1 Ordinary Shares (100% holding)


Mr Robert Carthy

Professor Jon Reast


Northumbria University Nursery Limited 

07942799 (Incorporated 09.02.12)  

1 £1 Ordinary Shares (100% holding)


Mr Simon Newitt

Mr Mark Gill

Professor Karen Hudson

Ms Deanne Cook 


Northumbria University Services Limited

10167191 (Incorporated 06.05.16)


1 £1 Ordinary Shares (100% holding)


Mrs Lianne Hurford

Mrs Sarah (Sally) Pelham

Mr Simon Newitt

Mrs Gillian Hitchenes

Mrs Maureen McLaughlin


Northumbria London Campus Limited

08846878 (Incorporated 15.01.14)


501 £1 Ordinary Shares (50.1% holding)

Professor Thomas Lawson

Mr Paul Geddes

Mr Simon Nelson

Professor Jon Reast


Northumbria University Amsterdam BV

Company registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (company number 70764441)

Incorporated 29.01.18


1000 1 euro Ordinary Shares (100% holding)


Professor Jon Reast

Ms Carina Helsloot- van Riemsdijk

The University’s Subsidiary Companies Policy and Procedure and a diagram showing the ‘Group’ structure is provided here.


The registered address of each of the University’s subsidiary companies (with the exception of the Northumbria University Amsterdam) is:

Sutherland Building

College Street

Newcastle Upon Tyne


More information on each company (other than Northumbria University Amsterdam), including key documents filed, can be searched for on the Companies House website

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