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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We live in a changing and increasingly challenging world. By sharing knowledge and expertise, our researchers are seeking innovative solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges from building resilient and sustainable infrastructure to fostering innovation and new technologies.

In the Spotlight: Transforming the Construction Sector with BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working in the construction industry to capture and manage information about a building across the project’s life-cycle. This enables stakeholders, processes and technologies to combine and deliver maximum whole life value from the building. Dr Mohamad Kassem, Associate Professor in Mechanical and Construction Engineering and Director of Enterprise and Engagement, works with governments and policy makers to support BIM adoption on a national scale. He has created conceptual frameworks and tools to guide countries in the process of adopting BIM, and his work has become a benchmark for policy makers worldwide, including Brazil and Mexico where this has supported development of a national BIM roadmap.

At a Glance: from Our Research to Our Operations

  • Our academics, students and partners, are all part of an exciting community working together to conduct ground-breaking research across eight multi-disciplinary research themes, creating a lasting impact regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Our Future Engineering research team undertake projects including exploring new efficient technologies for electricity generation and distribution, developing new materials with surprising and useful properties and designing new vehicle designs for a smarter and more efficient future.
  • Our Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) group works on developing the next generation of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and processes, as well as improving manufacturing systems, organisation and sustainability.
  • Working with Ryder Architecture, we co-founded the BIM Academy, a centre of excellence for digital engineering and transformation. The centre helps transform its clients business through research, education and consultancy services.
  • We are a part of Creative FUSE North East, a partnership between the five Universities in the North East which aims to drive innovation in the creative, digital and tech sectors.
  • We benefit from a range of sustainable innovations across our campus including efficient cooling systems and solar PV. Explore our Sustainable Campus Map to find out more.

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