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Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Athena Swan Bronze Award LogoThe Psychology department holds an Athena SWAN Bronze Award recognising its commitment to addressing gender equality.

What is Athena SWAN?

The Athena SWAN Charter recognises work addressing gender equality. Northumbria is committed to this Charter. Athena Swan is based on the following 10 key principles:

  1. Acknowledge that academia cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of all.
  2. Commit to advancing gender equality in academia.
  3. Commit to addressing unequal gender representation.
  4. Commit to tackling the gender pay gap.
  5. Commit to removing the obstacles faced by women.
  6. Commit to addressing the negative consequences of using short-term contracts.
  7. Commit to tackling the discriminatory treatment often experienced by trans people.
  8. Acknowledge that advancing gender equality demands commitment and action from all levels of the organisation.
  9. Commit to making and mainstreaming sustainable structural and cultural changes to advance gender equality.
  10. Commit to considering the intersection of gender and other factors wherever possible.

Northumbria University has held an Athena SWAN Bronze award since 2015, with a successful renewal application in December 2019 allowing the institution to retain the Bronze award for a further 3 years. In November 2019, the Geography and Environmental Sciences & Business and Law departments also submitted successful applications to obtain a Bronze award. In May 2020, the Psychology department also submitted an application to which they achieved the Bronze award.

The Psychology submission document can be read here.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion resources at Northumbria

EDI policies e.g. maternity/paternity leave support, flexible working

Northumbria's Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy, and further support can be found here

Northumbria's Unacceptable Behaviours Policy can be found here, and the link to report unacceptable behaviour here

Grievance procedures can be found here

Our Family Leave Checklist can be found on the intranet, or you can download a copy here

The new Sabbatical policy can be found here


Parenting facilities on campus

Our parenting rooms offer a private rest space if you are pregnant or if you have returned to work following a period of family leave (e.g. maternity), to assist your transition back to work. You can use the rooms to rest when you feel tired and to express and store milk.


1. Student Central (Library)

Location - First Floor (LB1m1) next to the Research Commons.

To gain access you should speak to Ask4Help staff in Student Central- they will enable your University Smartcard to access the room.


2. City Campus East 1 (CCE1)

Location - Room 041 – Code for key ‘1985’ - lockable from inside 

Facilities – Fridge, Nursing Chair, Handwashing Facilities, Microwave 


3. Coach Lane Campus

Location - A108, Coach Lane Campus West, First Floor, A block, Lift Access from reception.  

No specific access requirements, lockable from inside and “occupied/vacant” slide available on door. 

Facilities - Fridge, Nursing Chair, Changing Station and waste bin.



Equality and diversity training can be found on the e-learning gateway here

An LGBTQ+ Awareness video produced by NU Students Union can be found here

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