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Study Geography and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences at Northumbria University offers high quality courses taught in specialist labs and workshops.

Studying for a Geography and Environmental Sciences related undergraduate or postgraduate degree with Northumbria University will give you the opportunity to investigate the wide range of economic, environmental, social, political and cultural processes impacting upon today's world and help develop solutions to these problems.  

Our courses will heighten your awareness of issues such as climate change, poverty, wealth generation, migration and cultural diversity. You will also learn about globalisation, trade, employment, technology, crime and regeneration, management challenges (of environmental and human resources) and the sustainable future of our planet.

The Geography and Environmental Science courses are designed to allow you to develop the skills that employers tell us they want you to have, whilst developing an informed concern about the earth and society. With annual field trips, guest lectures, employer-led CV workshops, placements and lots more, you’ll have access to recruitment representatives from a wide range of companies.

You’ll learn using first-class facilities in dedicated laboratories – come and see them for yourself at one of our Open Days.
With high quality skills-based, accredited programmes and a supportive learning environment, we're confident you'll feel right at home studying with us! 

Geography is a very broad subject that spans a number of different disciplines. While much of the knowledge and skills acquired on the course are interchangeable, many modules have required me to develop a variety of new and unique skills. Studying such a diverse variety of modules has required a lot of effort but has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Bradley Sparkes, Geography

Further Information

Undergraduate Study

We offer a wide range of undergraduate programmes from Environmental Management to Physical Geography, designed to give you an edge in your future career. Our programmes are professionally focused and offer an optional placement year and field trips. With extensive professional accreditation across all of our courses, our undergraduate programmes will provide the ideal foundation for work or further study.

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Postgraduate Study

Our postgraduate degrees in Geography and Environmental Sciences from Disaster Management and Sustainable Development to Environmental Monitoring and Reconstruction have been specially tailored for the next stage for your academic career to either deepen your knowledge of your chosen field, changing career direction or taking a step towards professional status.

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Postgraduate Research

If you're interested in joining one of our Doctoral research degree programmes, please find more information about all our opportunities at the Graduate School.

Academic Profiles / Meet

Hear from one of our academic staff on studying at Northumbria.

Dr Catherine Pschenyckyj goes into detail about how she brings her research into the teaching she does at Northumbria university. And Why she chose to teach at Northumbria in particular.

Facilities / Geography and Environmental Sciences

Take a look at the facilities for the Geography and Environmental Sciences.

a close up of a colorful wall

Palaeo and Environmental Research Laboratory

Watch as you learn more about the facilities available whilst studying a Geography and Environmental Sciences degree.

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Soil and Sediment Processing Laboratory

Delve Deeper / Discover more about life at Northumbria

Research / Geography and Environmental Sciences

From Antarctica to the Arctic, global warming to disaster risk reduction, Geography takes place at a truly global scale at Northumbria.

Careers and Employment / Develop

From first year through to final year and beyond graduation, we are here to help.

We have a fantastic service for students' to use to gain advice and tips on furthering careers and enhancing their employability.

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Careers and Employment Services

Discover More / Northumbria

Book an Open Day and find out more about Undergraduate and Postgraduate study.

10 courses found

Disaster Management and Sustainable Development MSc

Postgraduate | Newcastle

Learn how to prepare for and respond to any type of crisis. Northumbria University’s Masters will equip you for a career with global…

1 year full-time / Sep start

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2 years full-time (with advanced practice in second year) / Sep start

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Geography BA (Hons)

Undergraduate | Newcastle | 3 years full-time or 4 years with a placement (sandwich)/study abroad

Understand the economic, cultural, social and political processes that influence key contemporary issues with this course.

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Geography BSc (Hons)

Undergraduate | Newcastle | 3 years full-time or 4 years with a placement (sandwich)/study abroad

Understand and analyse human impact on the environment, the world around you, and all of the factors that affect this on this course.

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