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AI Work and Organisations

AI is at the forefront of the latest wave of innovation and Citizen Centred Relationships potentially reshaping the nature of work and organisation across a diverse range of contexts affecting many in society. Technologies such as ChatGPT prospectively disrupt current assumptions about the characteristics of work life and life work for citizens. At the organisational level there a series of emerging complex challenges of ethical, strategic, and operational stances of deploying AI in a range of institutional and civic contexts. In some ways the current changes are not new in terms of the ways in which institutional, professional, and political judgements are potentially augmented and/or undermined as digital data, information and technologies have become deeply entwined and yet hard to observe in our work and social lives. 

However, the particular challenges that AI raises still poses significant questions in a range of commercial, societal and public contexts across themes of usability, designability, accountability, sustainability and governability of decision-making including: Foregrounding questions of user experiences and interaction but more importantly rights and responsibilities of citizens whether their role is as managers, workers, carers, volunteers from one perspective or patients, clients, service users or customers from another.

These questions become even more acute when engaging in diverse forms of human collaborative activity such as participating in family, community, network, political or civic life. Finally, AI deployment and responsibility questions organisations collaborating to work with and for citizens around the shaping of platforms and tools and the generation and sharing of data, interpreting information, processes of knowledge production and reflective learning. 


  • Professor Rob Wilson

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