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SPIN Services

Contact UsNorthumbria University's Synthesis and Polymer Innovation facility offers a range of services some of which are highlighted below.

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With many years industrial experience in small molecule synthesis, purification and scale-up, our team of experts at Northumbria University can help design and synthesise novel functional monomers, tailored for your specific applications. Recent examples of functional monomers developed within our team include novel functional monomers for cross-linking reactions, adhesion promotion, anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity, emulsification, and more.

Our research team at Northumbria University have an established track record in the synthesis of novel polymers for a wide range of industrial and research applications. We have significant expertise in the field of acrylic polymerisation both solution and emulsion methodologies and routinely scale these processes to multi-kilo scale for industrial collaborations. We also have established expertise in polyurethane chemistry (films and foams) and in the development of novel polymers and polymerisation methods. Recent examples include the preparation of multi-kilo scale water-borne acrylic emulsions for biological coating applications and the synthesis, drying and isolation of multi-kilo batches of solutions acrylics for industrial coatings.

The Polymer Research and Scale-up Team at Northumbria University can also help you in your quest for sustainable polymers, materials and coatings. With background in the repurposing of plastics waste streams into new polymers for coating applications and in the synthesis of bio-sourced and bio-degradable materials (chitosan) for coating and thin-film applications, we could be the perfect partner for your R&D program.

With 10-15 years industrial and collaboration experience with a world leading coatings organisation, the team at Northumbria University are experts in coatings and surfaces research and product development. This includes the development and testing of thermoset coatings for a wide range of applications, antifouling and low friction surfaces, and most recently the development of novel antiviral coatings in collaboration with the UK government.  

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

At Northumbria University, our higher and degree apprenticeships are more than a learning programme; they are a partnership. We work with organisations to create courses that meet the demands of businesses.



CPD and Short Courses

Our Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses are designed to open up exciting new possibilities for individuals and organisations. By increasing skills and knowledge and introducing new ways of thinking and working we create impact in performance at all levels.

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