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The research being produced by Northumbria Law School is having a measurable effect on both a national and international scale. Our pathway to impact is based on partnerships and rooted in our research communities as vibrant and dynamic spaces for dialogue. This is supported by conferences and events enabling the dissemination of research and collaborations.  

Find out more about our REF 2021 impact case studies by clicking on the boxes below. These case studies form part of a larger picture of impactful research taking place across the School. Key examples include:  

Dr Marion Oswald is working with the Royal United Services for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) to explore data and security, in particular the interaction between law and digital technology. A co-written report was recently cited in the House of Lords in support of an amendment proposed for the domestic abuse bill. Northumbria are also working with RUSI on a project to research data-driven approaches to COVID-19 and how this relates to public trust.  

Caption: Judicial engagement. Credit: Gita GillProfessor Gita Gill’s work on environmental justice in India has influenced and improved National Green Tribunal practice, enabled NGOs to access environmental justice, and influenced the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Professor Gill published her research in a book published in 2017 entitled 'Environmental Justice in India: The National Green Tribunal'. Professor Gill was recently awarded a British Academy Grant.

Caption: Community activism. Credit: Gita Gill









Caption: Flyer from an event between Northumbria Law School and a leading space firmWork by Professor Chris Newman investigating the way outer space is managed and sustainable practices in space has led to collaborations with key actors in the space industry and supporting pubic bodies. Northumbria recently partnered with Astroscale to encourage responsible behaviour in space and improve its environmental protection.







To read all impact case studies in full, please click here.

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