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Kaplan Higher Education – Singapore

The Partner

Established in 1989, Kaplan Higher Education in Singapore (formerly known as APMI Kaplan) is a regional provider of management education and quality lifelong learning programs and services. Through collaboration and partnership with prestigious Australian, European and American universities, Kaplan Higher Education offers career-oriented programs designed to provide students with the skills necessary to qualify them for employment in the fields of business and management, science and engineering, communication and media, information technology, and humanities and social sciences.

As one of the world’s largest education companies and one of the oldest educational providers in Singapore, Kaplan has established itself as one of the most respected private education institutions in Southeast Asia. It provides top-rated diplomas, undergraduate and post graduate degrees, professional qualifications and English-language programmes to students from almost 20 countries. Kaplan comprises three entities: Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA), Kaplan Higher Education Institute (KHEI), and Kaplan Learning Institute (KLI).

The Wilke Edge Campus is the base for Northumbria University programmes and is located in the centre of the city.


The Partnership

The Partnership between Kaplan and Northumbria University commenced in January 2011 with a large scale franchise arrangement involving 3 Faculties within the University including Health and Life Sciences, Business and Law, and Arts, Design and Social Sciences.

To view the programmes offered by Kaplan in partnership with Northumbria University please click the link below. 


It is through the BA Joint Honours programmes that the partnership with the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences exists. This commenced in June 2013 with the approval the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling programme.  Since then a further three routes to this programme have been validated with study offered at level 5 and level 6 (Childhood Studies and Disability Studies, Guidance and Counselling and Disability Studies and Early Years and Childhood Studies).

These specialist areas provide students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the perspectives and approaches taken by different personnel and services working in the selected field. It takes cognisance of the challenges inherent not only in the task of providing quality services, but also of the ever changing understanding and social context of the work in Singapore and abroad.

Studying the BA Joint Honours programme will enable the student to engage in a wide variety of professional contexts working with children, families and communities. The programme is modelled on that of the UK delivery and contextualised for delivery in Singapore. Former students are now working in traditional professions such as teaching (in schools and Further Education), social work and youth work. Other destinations which attract graduates include healthcare, human resources and the emerging fields within children's services. In addition some graduates choose to continue to further postgraduate research or professional training.


Kaplan was one of the first private education providers to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Private Education Providers. They also hold CASE Trust accreditation and are registered with the Singapore Council for Private Education (CPE).

Kaplan was ranked number 1 in a list of 64 preferred Private Education Institutions (PEI) in 2012.  In December 2013 they were again voted the number one Preferred Private Institute in Singapore. 

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