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Where can I study?

Northumbria has over 150 partnerships with Universities worldwide on most continents!  The university partnerships Northumbria have are scrutinised to ensure that the quality and safety is that of a similar or higher standard to Northumbria.

Not all institutions offer courses for all subject areas, and some are specific to a particular Faculty.  Students can check all of the current institutions Northumbria has a partnership with on our University Partnership Database.  The database will allow students to specify the particular faculty their degree is based in and show the institutions available for that faculty.

Northumbria also offer an exciting opportunity to take part in over the summer allowing students to gain a different experience and further add to their CV and University experience.  The International Short Programme offers students to study, work or volunteer for 4-8 weeks starting in June, July or August in a range of different countries including Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Colombia, Chile and more.  Further information will be available soon.

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