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Dr Steph Yardley

Assistant Professor

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Steph Yardley

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  • Multi-source connectivity as the driver of solar wind variability in the heliosphere, Yardley, S., Brooks, D., D’Amicis, R., Owen, C., Long, D., Baker, D., Démoulin, P., Owens, M., Lockwood, M., Mihailescu, T., Coburn, J., Dewey, R., Müller, D., Suen, G., Ngampoopun, N., Louarn, P., Livi, S., Lepri, S., Fludra, A., Haberreiter, M., Schühle, U. 28 May 2024, In: Nature Astronomy
  • Prediction of solar energetic events impacting space weather conditions, Georgoulis, M., Yardley, S., Guerra, J., Murray, S., Ahmadzadeh, A., Anastasiadis, A., Angryk, R., Aydin, B., Banerjee, D., Barnes, G., Bemporad, A., Benvenuto, F., Bloomfield, D., Bobra, M., Campi, C., Camporeale, E., DeForest, C., Emslie, A., Falconer, D., Feng, L., Gan, W., Green, L., Guastavino, S., Hapgood, M., Kempton, D., Kitiashvili, I., Kontogiannis, I., Korsos, M., Leka, K., Massa, P., Massone, A., Nandy, D., Nindos, A., Papaioannou, A., Park, S., Patsourakos, S., Piana, M., Rawafi, N., Sadykov, V., Toriumi, S., Vourlidas, A., Wang, H., Wang, J., Whitman, K., Yan, Y., Zhukov, A. 24 Feb 2024, In: Advances in Space Research
  • SPICE connection mosaics to link the Sun's surface and the heliosphere, Varesano, T., Hassler, D., Zambrana Prado, N., Plowman, J., Del Zanna, G., Parenti, S., Mason, H., Giunta, A., Auchère, F., Carlsson, M., Fludra, A., Peter, H., Müller, D., Williams, D., Aznar Cuadrado, R., Barczynski, K., Buchlin, E., Caldwell, M., Fredvik, T., Grundy, T., Guest, S., Harra, L., Janvier, M., Kucera, T., Leeks, S., Schmutz, W., Schuehle, U., Sidher, S., Teriaca, L., Thompson, W., Yardley, S. May 2024, In: Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • A multiple spacecraft detection of the 2 April 2022 M-class flare and filament eruption during the first close Solar Orbiter perihelion, Janvier, M., Mzerguat, S., Young, P., Buchlin, E., Manou, A., Pelouze, G., Long, D., Green, L., Warmuth, A., Schuller, F., Démoulin, P., Calchetti, D., Kahil, F., Bellot Rubio, L., Parenti, S., Baccar, S., Barczynski, K., Harra, L., Hayes, L., Thompson, W., Müller, D., Baker, D., Yardley, S., Berghmans, D., Verbeeck, C., Smith, P., Peter, H., Aznar Cuadrado, R., Musset, S., Brooks, D., Rodríguez, L., Auchère, F., Carlsson, M., Fludra, A., Hassler, D., Williams, D., Caldwell, M., Fredvik, T., Giunta, A., Grundy, T., Guest, S., Kraaikamp, E., Leeks, S., Plowman, J., Schmutz, W., Schühle, U., Sidher, S., Teriaca, L., Solanki, S., Del Toro Iniesta, J., Woch, J., Gandorfer, A., Hirzberger, J., Orozco Suárez, D., Appourchaux, T., Valori, G., Sinjan, J., Albert, K., Volkmer, R. Sep 2023, In: Astronomy and Astrophysics

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