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Since 2015 I have been involved in the development and evaluation of the Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer (SMRT) Model (Picard, Sandells and Löwe, 2018). This is a modular model that simulations microwave behaviour in snow, land ice and sea ice can be applied to interpret passive, active and altimetry remote sensing observations. One interesting aspect is how we measure snow microstructure and use that information in SMRT.

Projects I'm currently involved in are:

  • AKROSS: evaluation of SMRT in altimetry mode with fieldwork in Eureka, Canada to understand how snow affects retrievals of sea ice thickness
  • AESOP: potential use of SMRT to remove influence of snow on satellite observations used in numerical weather prediction
  • SCANSAS: dual active-passive evaluation of SMRT with new data from the Swiss Alps.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
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Harry Clayton 'Remote Sensing of Snow for Improvement of Weather Forecasts' Start Date: 01/10/2021 End Date: 07/08/2022

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