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  • Automatic Encoding of Unlabeled Two Dimensional Data Enabling Similarity Searches: Electron Diffusion Regions and Auroral Arcs, Smith, A., Rae, J., Stawarz, J., Sun, W., Bentley, S., Koul, A. Jan 2024, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
  • Effects of Plasma Density on the Spatial and Temporal Scale Sizes of Plasmaspheric Hiss, Zhang, S., Rae, I., Liu, K., Watt, C., Shi, Q., Tian, A., Degeling, A., Guo, R., Wang, M., Shen, X., Yao, F., Li, J. Mar 2024, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
  • Ground-based and additional science support for SMILE, Carter, J., Dunlop, M., Forsyth, C., Oksavik, K., Donovan, E., Kavanagh, A., Milan, S., Sergienko, T., Fear, R., Sibeck, D., Connors, M., Yeoman, T., Tan, X., Taylor, M., McWilliams, K., Gjerloev, J., Barnes, R., Billet, D., Chisham, G., Dimmock, A., Freeman, M., Han, D., Hartinger, M., Hsieh, S., Hu, Z., James, M., Juusola, L., Kauristie, K., Kronberg, E., Lester, M., Manuel, J., Matzka, J., McCrea, I., Miyoshi, Y., Rae, J., Ren, L., Sigernes, F., Spanswick, E., Sterne, K., Steuwer, A., Sun, T., Walach, M., Walsh, B., Wang, C., Weygand, J., Wild, J., Yan, J., Zhang, J., Zhang, Q. 1 Jan 2024, In: Earth and Planetary Physics
  • Heliophysics Great Observatories and international cooperation in Heliophysics: An orchestrated framework for scientific advancement and discovery, Kepko, L., Nakamura, R., Saito, Y., Vourlidas, A., Taylor, M., Mandrini, C., Blanco-Cano, X., Chakrabarty, D., Daglis, I., De Nardin, C., Petrukovich, A., Palmroth, M., Ho, G., Harra, L., Rae, J., Owens, M., Donovan, E., Lavraud, B., Reeves, G., Tripathi, D., Vilmer, N., Hwang, J., Antiochos, S., Wang, C. 15 May 2024, In: Advances in Space Research
  • Ion-Scale Magnetic Flux Ropes and Loops in Earth's Magnetotail: An Automated, Comprehensive Survey of MMS data between 2017 and 2022, Smith, A., Sun, W., Slavin, J., Rae, J. Mar 2024, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
  • Joint Observations of Energy Transport and Dissipation during Plasma Flow Vortex in the Terrestrial Magnetotail, Wang, W., Ma, Y., Dunlop, M., Sun, T., Rae, I., Wei, X., Yang, J., Yang, Y. 17 Apr 2024, In: The Astrophysical Journal
  • Sudden Commencements and Geomagnetically Induced Currents in New Zealand: Correlations and Dependance, Smith, A., Rodger, C., Manus, D., Rae, J., Fogg, A., Forsyth, C., Fisher, P., Petersen, T., Dalzell, M. Jan 2024, In: Space Weather
  • A New Four‐Component L*‐Dependent Model for Radial Diffusion Based on Solar Wind and Magnetospheric Drivers of ULF Waves, Murphy, K., Breneman, A., Sandhu, J., Angelpoulos, V., Kellerman, A., Watt, C., Daggitt, T., Wygant, J., Horne, R., Tian, S., Bentley, S., Glauert, S., Olifer, L., Mann, I., Rae, J., Ozeke, L., Halford, A. Jul 2023, In: Space Weather
  • Differentiating Between Simultaneous Loss Drivers in Earth's Outer Radiation Belt: Multi‐Dimensional Phase Space Density Analysis, Staples, F., Ma, Q., Kellerman, A., Rae, I., Forsyth, C., Sandhu, J., Bortnik, J. 16 Dec 2023, In: Geophysical Research Letters
  • Evidence for lunar tide effects in Earth’s plasmasphere, Xiao, C., He, F., Shi, Q., Liu, W., Tian, A., Guo, R., Yue, C., Zhou, X., Wei, Y., Rae, I., Degeling, A., Angelopoulos, V., Masongsong, E., Liu, J., Zong, Q., Fu, S., Pu, Z., Zhang, X., Wang, T., Wang, H., Zhang, Z. 1 Apr 2023, In: Nature Physics

  • Ishbel Carlyle Searching for substorm onset using Earth’s aurora Start Date: 25/09/2023
  • Dylan Weston Earth’s Van Allen Radiation Belts: Why are they so hard to forecast? Start Date: 01/10/2023
  • Shannon Killey Classifying relativistic particle distributions in the radiation belts Start Date: 01/10/2021

Physics PhD August 31 2001

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