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  • Dwelling in the city, between tradition and invention: Mart Stam’s Hellerhof Siedlung in Frankfurt and Le Corbusier’s Immeuble Villas, Martinelli, P. 17 Nov 2023, Defining the architectural space. Architecture and the city, Wrocław, Ofcyna Wydawnicza ATUT
  • Inside/outside: the interior façade as the stage of the architectural and urban in-between, Martinelli, P. 22 Mar 2023, In: Interiors: Design, Architecture, Culture
  • Monumental Concretions: Scarpa Reinvented 2 and Scarpa Reinvented 5, Martinelli, P. 13 Jun 2023
  • Urban transparencies. The city as a palimpsest for action and care, Martinelli, P. 15 Jul 2023, In: Lo Squaderno
  • Compositions: The Books: Three Collages, Martinelli, P. 5 Sep 2022
  • Discovering the unexpected: from everyday life to the construction of architectural space, Martinelli, P. 13 Mar 2022, NCBDS 37, Lulu Press Inc.
  • Escape from the Avant-Garde: The House as a Stage of Memory, Martinelli, P. 22 Nov 2022, Defining the Architectural Space, Wrocław, Ofcyna Wydawnicza ATUT
  • Eternity: The Lessing Montages: Four mixed-media artworks, Martinelli, P. 12 Jan 2022

Architecture PhD February 25 2010

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