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I am an interdisciplinary scholar by training, and I work at the intersection of gender studies, critical race studies, but also sociology of migration, institutions and violence. I am interested in racialisation of social problems and my empirical approach encompasses qualitative research methods, including multi-sited ethnography and expert interviews.

My research interests include:

• Racialisation of social problems
• Postcolonial, subaltern and decolonial theory and politics
• Feminist theory and politics
• Intersectionality and politics of difference
• Critical race studies
• Ethnography of public institutions

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Intersectional Making of the ‘Sri Lankan Case’: The Racialization of Domestic Violence in the Swiss Police Force, Khazaei, F. 10 Jul 2023, In: British Journal of Criminology
  • La colonialité du genre, ou comment « sauver » les victimes migrantes des violences conjugales, Khazaei, F. Dec 2022, In:
  • The truth told by the body: Swiss medicolegal responses to intimate partner violence from a gender perspective , Khazaei, F. 1 Jul 2021, In: Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies
  • Grounds for dialogue: Intersectionality and superdiversity, Khazaei, F. Mar 2018, In: Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies
  • Les violences conjugales à la marge: Le cas des femmes migrantes en Suisse, Khazaei, F. 15 Jul 2019, In: Cahiers du Genre
  • Fabrique de la différence: La réponse institutionnelle policière aux "violences domestiques", Khazaei, F. 1 Nov 2022, In: Swiss Journal of Sociology
  • Le Racisme Antimusulman en Suisse, Khazaei, F. 9 Jun 2022, Un/doing Race, Zurich, Switzerland, Editions Seismo
  • Home: Ethnographic Encounters, Khazaei, F. 2020, Routledge, Taylor & Francis

Sociology PhD September 09 2019

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