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  • Enhancing analysis of Neo-formed Contaminants in two relevant food global commodities: Coffee and Cocoa, Medina-Orjuela, M., Barrios-Rodríguez, Y., Carranza, C., Amorocho-Cruz, C., Gentile, P., Girón-Hernández, J. 30 May 2024, In: Heliyon
  • Exploiting residual cocoa biomass to extract advanced materials as building blocks for manufacturing nanoparticles aimed at alleviating formation-induced oxidative stress on human dermal fibroblasts, Girón-Hernández, J., Barrios‐Rodríguez, Y., Corbezzolo, N., Orozco‐Blanco, D., Carranza Gutiérrez, C., Cheung, W., Gentile, P. 30 May 2024, In: Nanoscale Advances
  • From cocoa waste to sustainable bioink: valorising pectin for circular economy-driven tissue engineering, Girón-Hernández, J., Tombe, A., Chemban Koyilot, M., Salas-Calderón, K., Charlton, A., Wills, C., Gentile, P. 24 Apr 2024, In: European Polymer Journal
  • Importancia de la revisión por pares en la construcción del conocimiento: una mirada desde la Revista Española de Nutrición Humana y Dietética, Troncoso-Pantoja, C., Gamero, A., Pérez-Armijo, P., Pérez-Esteve, É., Petermann-Rocha, F., Fernández-Villa, T., Lozano-Lorca, M., Pérez-López, A., García-Galbis, M., Carrillo-Alvarez, E., Kouiti, M., Bonilla, D., Apolinar-Jiménez, E., Nava-González, E., Girón-Hernández, J., Almendra-Pegueros, R. 31 Mar 2024, In: Revista Espanola de Nutricion Humana y Dietetica
  • Exploring the effect of utilising organic acid solutions in ultrasound-assisted extraction of pectin from apple pomace, and its potential for biomedical purposes, Girón-Hernández, J., Pazmino, M., Barrios‐Rodríguez, Y., Turo, C., Wills, C., Cucinotta, F., Benlloch Tinoco, M., Gentile, P. 1 Jul 2023, In: Heliyon
  • An overview on the aquaculture development in Colombia: Current status, opportunities and challenges, Carrera-Quintana, S., Gentile, P., Girón-Hernández, J. 15 Dec 2022, In: Aquaculture
  • Cocoa Pod Husk: A High‐Pectin Source with Applications in the Food and Biomedical Fields, Barrios‐Rodríguez, Y., Salas‐Calderón, K., Orozco‐Blanco, D., Gentile, P., Girón‐Hernández, J. 1 Oct 2022, In: ChemBioEng Reviews
  • Impact of post-harvest treatments on physicochemical and sensory characteristics of coffee beans in Huila, Colombia, Cortés-Macías, E., López, C., Gentile, P., Girón-Hernández, J., López, A. May 2022, In: Postharvest Biology and Technology
  • Physico-chemical quality of fish products marketed in Colombia, Carrera, S., Guzmán, N., Hernández, J. 18 Apr 2022, In: Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia
  • Impact of heterogeneously crosslinked calcium alginate networks on the encapsulation of β-carotene-loaded beads, Giron Hernandez, J., Gentile, P., Benlloch Tinoco, M. 1 Nov 2021, In: Carbohydrate Polymers

Food Science PhD July 31 2014

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