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Dr Peter Forman

Assistant Professor

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

I am a political geographer whose work brings together research on energy, materialities, urban governance, and infrastructures to conceptualise the political significance of circulations and circulatory infrastructures for the organisation of everyday life. I am especially interested in the opportunities and challenges for governance that gaseous materials present in the 21st century. More information on these themes can be found below.

In May 2020, I joined Northumbria University’s Department of Geography and Environmental Science as a Lecturer in Human Geography. Prior to this, I held research and teaching fellow positions in the sociology department at Lancaster University, the business school at the University of York, and in the institute for political science at the University of Tübingen (Germany). I completed my PhD in Human Geography at Durham University in 2017.

Peter Forman

Securing Circulation

A key theme in my research is exploring how different kinds of global/local flows variously relate to questions of security, risk, and resilience. I am particularly concerned with the processes and technologies through which circulations become rendered known, politicisable, and governable.

Energy and Infrastructural Politics

I am especially concerned with how flows of energy are facilitated and governed according to different understandings of risk, and the roles in which socio-technical infrastructures play in this. My work traces the consequences of these governance practices for the organisation of societies. To date, my work has predominantly focused upon natural gas networks in the UK, and on evolving proposals to develop infrastructures for the production, transport, and consumption of hydrogen.

Atmospheres and Gaseous Governance

Gases and other atmospheric bodies present unique challenges for contemporary governance and are responsible for some of today's most urgent political issues. Successfully governing them has become a 21st century imperative, requiring interventions at scales ranging from the domestic to the urban, regional, and planetary. Tracing these challenges and identifying opportunities for intervention is further explored through my work.

Matter, Materialities, and Life in the Anthropocene

My research investigates alternative ways of living with nonhumans in the Anthropocene, examining the ethics of more-than-human relations in the context of unfolding ecological crises.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
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  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Oral presentation: Hydrogen Risk Landscapes - Reflections on Sharing Work-in-Progress 2023
  • Invited talk: Invited Panelist - British Academy - "Sustainability in Research and Innovation" 2023
  • Invited talk: Invited Discussant - Chair's Plenary, "Critical Geographies of Climate Knowledges" 2023
  • Editorial work: Geo: Geography and Environment (Journal) 2023
  • Oral presentation: Hydrogen Risk Societies 2023
  • Organising a conference, workshop, ...: Health x Energy 2023 - Webinar Series 2023
  • Invited talk: Hydrogen Risk Landscapes 2022
  • Organising a conference, workshop, ...: Energy Geographies Research Group - Webinar Series 2021/22 2021
  • Editorial work: Frontiers in Sustainable Cities (Journal) 2021
  • Membership of committee: Energy Geographies Research Group (EnGRG) (External organisation) 2020




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Forman, P.J. (2017) “Hard to Follow Things: Natural Gas” [Online] Guest blog post for Available at: <> [Last accessed: 22/08/17]

  • Geography PhD June 30 2017
  • Geography MA (Hons) January 11 2013
  • Geography BA (Hons) June 28 2011
  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2014

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